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You Can't Believe It!! Airshow - Boss Hoss Event

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You guys have not lived until you hear a Boss go bye at full boogie tilt - the sound is awsome when it goes by at 160 plus still accelerating - Hard!!! :twisted: We will be posting pictures and video as soon as our guy gets it ready of the airshow and the boss combination. It made a great show and Rick put on a great ground show. Way too much fun!! :twisted: :twisted:


BTW: This is a link to a video that a friend made while riding with me in the Extra 300.

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That was interesting Phil! I had an Extra 300 for a couple years, and 3 other planes at the same time, then I switched to helicopters. I really enjoyed flying all of them, but it would have been more fun if I could have ridden in them instead of flying them with the remote control! They were radio control... Saito 1.2 4 stroke, sounded cool!!

Great video.

Brings back memories of my old flying days. I did a few of those moves, mostly by accident. :lol: :shock:

Awesum Vid Phil... how many G's U pull in those moves??

Way too much fun

I try to hold the G's to +6 / -1 when I have a passenger but when flying alone in the airshow or competetion mode the numbers are +9 / -6!!! You have to get use to it :shock: The airplane is rated for +15 / -15 but that is only because of the engine mount. They quit trying to break the wing in testing at +23 / -15 :twisted: . It's a bad boy.

We will be posting pictures and video as soon as our guy gets it ready
Is it ready yet? :D :D
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