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Wiring!! on BHC-3 502

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Any help with this would be very much appreciated!!

We are having a problem with the wiring on a BHC-3 502. Whenever we turn the to the on position (without starting the bike) the fuse for the Brake and Horn blows. We have disconnected the entire lighting of the backend, and tried it again, the same thing happened. When we pull the wire from the clip on the fuse block and put in a new fuse, turn the key and it is fine, but as soon as we plug in the connection to the fusebox for that circuit ( the 6 wire and the 15 wire combined into one) the fuse pops.

We have unsuccessfully tracked down the #6 wire (Hot to Horn) to see if that is shorting out.

So any help would be greatly appreciated....!!!
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Pull the switch apart on the bars and see if the horn wire is crimped between the switch housing. It's a dead short somewhere and shoulb be easy to trace with a continuity tester.


Start by separating (cut) the #6 and #15 wires apart this will isolate the problem to the front of the bike or the back. I'll bet, as previously mentioned, that the problem is with the number 6 wire. It goes forward to a connector under the steering head and then into the handlebars. It feeds the horn button on the left and the brake light switch on the right. Most likely, due to a pinch or a chafe, it is shorted to ground somewhere along the way.
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