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Winter projects

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Winter up here in central N.Y. is a b----. but a good time of year to do all your routine maintence on the Boss and all the changes and upgrades you want to do . Sometimes it can be funny also like today. I have a natural gas furnace in my garage that I can turn on if I want to heat the garage up , but I usually only do that if I'm going to work out there for a long period of time . Well today it was about -5 degrees all day so decided to have my new rear tire mounted and balanced at a local tire shop. When I got home I wanted to polish the rim but didn't want to heat up the garage just for that so I threw a old blanket over the kitchen table and went at it. After I got that done I said to myself , I might as well assemble the rest of the wheel , hub , disc, pulley , repack the bearings and put in new seals. Well my wife came home early from work and here I am with all this stuff on the kitchen table looking like the cat that just swallowed the canary . She walks over , lays a big kiss on me and says , I see you got your tire mounted today , but please don't break the glass top on the table . Now theres a good ole lady . Shes a keeper .
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Jack you have a real winner there, I'd definitely keep her. My wife is pretty much the same. Me and my son when we were putting together the motor on the sporty brought the cyinders and heads into the kitchen when we put the valves, springs , and retainers on. We gave them a real good double coat of engine enamel. Hey what the heck, we got to cure the suckers , so into the oven they went and set at 400 for 1 hr. We forgot about them went on to something else. Wife comes home starts super, first she says what's been burning in the house, me and my son just look at each other, then she goes into the oven. We thought OH ****!!! You got to remember her is a woman going through, "MENTAL PAUSE". Jeckle and hyde!!! But she just says I think your supper is done.. OOPS!!! Yes we still got fed!!

Ya Ed , I've baked cylinders and heads in our oven also. When I think about it there have been years in the past that I've brought Harleys right in the liveing room for the winter so I could tinker with them . Can't do that with the Boss though , I don't think my floor would hold it.
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