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where boss's first titled as assembled bikes?

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Come to find out AFTER I bought my kannon that it is titled as a assembled bike...this does not make me very happy the guy I bought it from didn't tell me.......but get this I have seen an owner manual for a 1995 boss and the bike came un-assembled ....so is this titled as an assembled bike also?.......maybe this is one reason were having so much trouble with insurance....give me some info on this...I'm sure not happy with my seller
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The original BH were kit bikes. Somebody here will know for sure, but I think it was '96 or '97 when they became "production" bikes.

Originally they were either V8 or V6 kits, your choice. Sime kits are still around that never got assembled.

I own a 1993. Boss it was sold as a kit bike. the kit came with every thing exept the motor . you could also buy a chrome package (swing arm ,bell house,motor mounts,ect.) The 93's could also be bought as a complete bike like my dad's bike was.I'll try to down load a flyer I have from 1993
by this weekend . I've also seen state vin # on some older bikes. After assebly the state looks at the bike and all recipts to make sure nothing is stollen and then issues a state vin# tag.

Chad Roy
kit bikes

here's my problem, I bought a 2000 kannon, it was issused an assembled bike title in the state of maine, I was NOT, told this by the guy I bought it from and didn't think about it because I THOUGHT kannon's were factory built... so ok I get the ohio title it says assembled bike..we'll I'm not to happy...but guess what I can't get full coverage on the bike only liability insurance..now If I had to have a loan for the bike I would be really screwed..no insurance for the bike...how do kit boss riders get around this, as I've talked to every insurance person around..thanks keith
Keith...do you really want to get FULL coverage on the bike? I'll bet that coverage will cost as much evcery two years a s the market value of the bike which is low, I'm sure. I'd ride it with liability only. At a given point in time with any motor vehicle the collision and theft insurance make no sense.
From the insurance company's perspective...how can it value the bike??..I'm sure there are no "tables"around for a Kannon assembled bike....Joe
The title on my 2000 Kannon says...

I've got no special markings on my Oregon title whatsoever.
Comparing our vin numbers might shed some light, but I don't know if that is safe to do on a discussion board.
I even had a speedometer thing, Tom swapping spedos to smuggle the bike into California, and Oregon DMV forgot to check a box or something and I have no special notations.
How about this:
My vin number ends in: K591022
I don't know about assembling Kannons yourself. I haven't been around V8 bikes long and I've heard about buying older Bosses in kit form, but yours is the first mention I've ever heard of a kit Kannon.
My advice, if your insurance agent is jerking you around, go find one or two other insurance quotes, perhaps on-line or from junk mail, don't mention the assembled part at all, then use their numbers with your agent. If he doesn't get on board, go with one of the quotes from the big volume low frills insurance company, they won't even notice.
I think.
Good luck either way.
Patrick 'Always has an opinion' Juell

PS I've got full coverage on the Kannon, $1000 deductable, $220 per year, State Farm. It seemed really cheap to me.
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