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What's the best way to jack up the Boss?

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I am needing to do my 500 mile tranny service and want to get the rear wheel up off the ground to run the bike after replacing fluid and cleaning filter. I have a motorcylce jack with a 1500 lb. capacity but I didn't really see a good place to position the jack. How do you guys do it?
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Jack the Boss

I use a floor jack to raise it up, then use two small jack stands with rubber matting between the stand and the frame. I gave my motorcycle jack to my nephew as it's useless for the boss....Ray
Thanks for the info. Is there anything else you can use to loosen the two transmission nuts besides a spanner tool?
against the wall with legs spread!! Oh sorry, I got confused..

You put a jack stand under the frame on the right side near the foot peg while the bike is over on the kick stand. then you get a floor jack under the left side and carefully jack it up and put another jack stand under the left side. the bike front wheel should now be off the ground. You put the floor jack under the tranny x-brace in the rear and jack up the rear then put jack stands under the rear on both sides. I put a piece of 2 x 4 onder the cross brace before jacking it also. Just go slow and take you time, be safe.

This is the way I jack the Boss up.

You can use channel locks or vise grips to loose the spanner bolts, again be careful they have o-rings under them so don't over tighten. You can also use a set of needle nose pliers spread and put the ends in the two small spanner holes.

I take off the seat pan , slip two axle straps through the frame and pull the bike up with a motor hoist I got at freight harbor tools for 159 bucks.

Thanks guys. I will perform the tranny transfusion tomorrow. It's great having free professional advice at your fingertips.
I used to do all of those things to lift the Boss but got a Pitbull lift with adapters made for the Boss and no need to do the juggling.
Snap-on makes the dual pin wrench (3/8" drive) to fit the tranny bolts and remove them without mangling.
Snap-On PN# is S9610. Makes removal a breeze. Right tool for the right job.
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