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what do you guys think of?

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ok so you had to read my question..ok ...here's what I'm thinking about tell me what you think as I want to listen and learn so please give me some input..how about a v-6 4.3 with fuel injection, single cluch, belt drive.....no over heating problems, no carb problems, no auto trans problem, no chain problems...I'll have prenty of power for crusin, no overheating or trans problems..if any body builds such a thing Please drop me a line as I am not wanting a big block......thanks keith
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Boss Hoss use to build a V-6 bike. However I think they discontinued
manufacturing them. You might catch a used one for sale on the net.

Boss Hoss builded them, but only a very small number were sold and therefore they are hard to find. I can remember a posting from someone who wanted such a 6cyl. Boss Hoss, too, and had problems to find one.

Hey Olaf,
Pete Marone's is the only one I've ever seen, and he has a horse saddle for a seat, and stirrups for foot pegs.
if you are talking about the bar owner in Louisiana - yes - I remember him. I had some email contact with him a while ago. He's a very good guy. Now that you talked about him - I think he said (wrote) his 6cyl. is for sale. If you see him send him greetings from Olaf - curious if he remebers me, too.


Here are two pics of a german guy's Boss Hoss with horse saddle:
(I like the exhaust pipes very much...)

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I found a little information about Boss Hoss's V6 bikes:
http://www.insidebikes.com/bikebible/re ... 6_main.htm

I understand the lean angle is much less than the V8 but is still a good looking scooter.

Ok Lamont, you got me!!!

Is that a modified V-Rod??


PS- I guess I am one of the few that likes the V-Rod.?
Modified 400 ci small block chevy, cut down to V4. :D :D :D
That is alttle V4 used in Midget racing. As Elvis said it is a cut down small block Chevy. They are now old technology in Midget racing so alot of guys have pieces and parts laying around.

Plug Wire Seperators


Anyone know what brand those plug wire seperators are on that spiffy yellow Boss with the saddle Loaf posted?

I just got a new set of Taylor 8MM reds that I feel would look nicer on my Boss with a set of those.

Thanks, Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
They are made by Rodware/ Mr.Gasket, Jack.
#MRG-6018- very cheap (lookin) looms. Summit sells them for 29 bucks. But the looms of the yellow Boss wouldn't work for you, because they are mounted to the valve cover bolts of the early style covers. This is a link to the #MRG-6042 looms which you are looking for if you've center bolt covers:
http://store.summitracing.com/default.a ... t=MRG-6042

Summit carry them, but they have no picture available. But the MRG-6042 wire looms are displayed here:
(open with the program "Acrobat Reader")

I would prefer Billet Specialties wire looms. They are looking much nicer. But you need the "Late Model bracket kit" to mount the looms directly to your engine heads instead to the valve cover bolts. They are much nicer wire looms than the Mr.Gasket brand- look here:

Summits part#: BSP-69523 , $64.50

Here's a pic of the late model bracket kit: http://www.billetspecialties.com/itemde ... =8&pid=224

The kit is available at Summit as well. Click here for the Late model bracket kit at Summit:
http://store.summitracing.com/default.a ... 0&x=15&y=9

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Ignition Wire Looms


Thank you, your simply amazing!

Quite a lot nicer than I asked about, and still reasonably priced.

By the way, when you visit the US do you ever get close to Florida? If so, I would love to meet you, and tip a cola, or equivilant. Our beer kind-of sucks, compared to a good Uffenheimer Pils, so you must just be prepared to slam a few extra for effect!

Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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Oh, a few extra beers won't hurt!!...hehehe... I ever had a BIG effect
after a dozen Budweiser cans...hehehe..
I like Bud-Ice most. But what I like much more than American Budweiser is American Bourbon Whiskey. Can't wait to visit the Jack Daniels distillery in April. I love this stuff.

Oh, and yes, if I make it to Daytona someday I'll visit you for sure- hopefully next year. We plan to go either to Daytona or to the Dyersburg Rally next year with a couple of BH riders from over here.

Loud pipes,
I had this type of plug wire holder on my kannon and I can tell you the dipstick won`t work with them. I used a short dipstick with a plastic handle with an o ring directly into the block. hard to check the oil unless the bike was cold.
plug wire looms


Think I'll check with Arkansas Boss tommorrow. He had some on a nice Boss last Daytona. I'll report back what his response is.

I had completely forgotten about that style until Loaf sent that link.

My Boss has the flexible braided stainless dipstick assy and I hope something nice looking like that works.

Ride Safe

Jack Phillips
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I got these wire holders from Stamford BH. These are chromed, which added to the cost, but..........what the Hell! I liked them cause they didn't have any names or emblems on them.
I just had to bend the bracket that holds the dipstick just a bit, to make it clear the header covers.........Don
PS...Forgive the dust! It's Winter here :(

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Wire Looms

Don, Loaf, and guys;

Just ordered a set from Rick Tayler @ Boss Hoss Arkansas for $86 includind shipping to Florida. They are chrome, "no logo" and look exactly like the one's in Dons photo.

Thanks a heap, I had forgotton about seeing them till you all stirred the cobwebs.

I'll post a photo when they are installed (got to get with someone to learn how to do that, I followed the threads twice and am still too bone headed to make it work).

Ride Safe

Jack Phillips

ps: Don I'd damn near trade that dust for our salt corrosion!
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