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what do you guys think of the big brute or american king?

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I just asking around ok.......who can tell me about owning a big brute or american king...thanks
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Hello Tanner,
I haven't driven any other V8 so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I am very happy with my Fatboy style King V. :D :D
now THATS a nice lookin ride Elvis!

king v/Elvis....others please help with info

That juse IS a nice ride could you tell me more about it as I am really looking for something trouble free and sporting looking ..more like my harley with a v-8 or even a v-6 ...I was just thinking a v-6 with a single cluch drive and fuel injected...no auto to worry about, no carb and light weight with plenty of power with no over heating problems but I would like a belt drive...but I really like the fat boy looks ...so please tell me about it or any of you other guy/gals drop me a line cause I'm really interested in learning what's a good bike with what I'm looking for....thanks keith
P.S. what's a mosa v-8

Is that a new bike a mosa?
Except for the fuel injection, (really no place to hide the computer, wires and fuel pump) the King V probably fits your criteria closer than the other V8s, which have more bells and whistles, like cushier ride, 2 speed auto, reverse, country wide customer support, etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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