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What a Trip

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Made it home yesterday afternoon but after "unloading" I CRASHED! It was warm (45 - 52) the entire week + I was gone ... mother nature decided to pull a cruel joke on me and welcomed me home with SNOW and COLD ... thanks! :(

Decals arrived yesterday so I will get them packaged and sent out tomorrow. I ended up trading my trailer for another while in Daytona so I need to order more decals for the side of this one now :( I hope a Boss Hoss rider ends up with my old trailer!

This Bikeweek has got to be one of the best I have ever seen. I got to meet many of you guys (and a couple wives too). The weather was the BEST ever, maybe even a bit hot when just standing around.

The new converter ... almost an unbelievable difference from stock converter. I really don't understand why Boss Hoss uses the one they do in the new bikes.

I test rode a 502 at the factory set up. The big block is awesome and I wish I could afford to own both my bike and a big block - since I can't I will keep my "little 350" and hope to hit the lottery! :D

To everyone I met ... THANKS, had a blast and hope to see you all again soon.
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Hi Fellas!
Got back from Daytona Sunday night. Just beat the rain and snow. Had a great time meeting some of the guys from these boards, riding, and hanging out at the Highlander. Pleasure finally meeting and talking at length with V-man and Hoss. I'll be looking forward to hooking up again somewhere this year. Also Badger, Lamont, Jack, (nice tire grooving job Jack!) Tom Breedlove, and anyone else I may have forgot to mention, great to see you guys again!
Don, you're so right about that converter! After paving a lot of the roads with my back tire, I'll be putting on new rubber this Spring! :D
It's amazing that with all the thousands and thousands of bikes of every make, style, and degree of customization, the Boss Hoss still draws a crowd and looks of amazement. Lots of fun cruising Main Street, and hearing people on the sidewalk calling out "Boss Hoss!" I know except when I was sleeping, (and maybe then too) I had a smile on my face the whole time I was there!
Great people, great weather, great fun! Let's do it again!!! :capwin: :cop2: :biker: ..........Don B
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