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This is the only thing I have found that prevents the water spots from our local water. Works pretty good for me. Wal-Mart
Mr Clean AutoDry Carwash
Mr.Clean AutoDry Soap

The first part of the Mr.Clean AutoDry™ Carwash
Dry Rinse Polymer™ sheets water off your car for fast drying
Easily removes dirt and grime
Leaves no film or residue
Works with Mr.Clean AutoDry Filter to leave your car incredibly clean and shiny

Mr.Clean AutoDry Filter
Mr.Clean AutoDry™ filter utilizes filter technology from the makers of Pur®

The second part of the Mr.Clean AutoDry Carwash
Removes water impurities which cause spots, even in hard water
Includes a color-change indicator that changes from black to brown when it is exhausted
Works with Mr.Clean AutoDry Soap to dry your car spot-free every time
Number of uses varies on factors such as water hardness and usage

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Elvis ,
Man it's a small world . Yesterday I was at a friends house and was telling him about my water dilemma and he brings out this same Mr. clean washing devise . I'll have to buy one and try it .



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I have one and it is worth it's weight. I hate to dry the Motor Home down so with Mr Clean that job is over. The spot free filter that comes with it is good for only 2 to 3 washes but the replacement one does 15 I think.
This is one thing we all need so go for it.

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