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Wandering German Dude on his way here!

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Looks like Olaf will be here around 1pm tomorrow. The weather is rotten so I don't think we will get to ride but it will be good to meet him. I take some pics when he gets here. :D
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Give me a holler when he arrives, I would like to meet him too!! Maybe we can feast somewhere...
Too bad the weather will not cooperate for a ride ... probably just as well ...
Olaf may have ended up with a souvenir from TN
:D Have a good visit, let him know if he makes it this far North to give a holler!
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If the weather breaks I may still ride up to Boone on Monday and stay a couple fo nights. Is there still a lot of sand and salt on the roads?

Today is not going to be a good riding day for Olaf. :? It's snowing right now.
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No sand or salt that I know of Bro.
Ncbosshoss said:

If the weather breaks I may still ride up to Boone on Monday and stay a couple fo nights. Is there still a lot of sand and salt on the roads?

Lamont, I hope Olaf had a nice visit (in spite of the rain/snow). I got your message yesterday evening, sorry I wasn't home to answer. I was working on the puter, left, and left the puter on V8BikeRiders..*S*. Today was the homecoming at the church I was raised in, and we were busy all day. But I certainly did think of you guys! I hope to see some pics ... :)
Olaf made his way here with his lovely wife Ramona. 8) It was so cool to sit and talk about bikes and Germany and all that they have seen and done while they were here. Olaf is just as cool as I thought he would be and his english was great. The weather was not too good so we didn't get to ride but we had a good time anyway. It's an amazing thing that you can meet people all over the world on the internet and once you meet face to face it is as if your were old friends. :D You got to love it. Thanks for taking time to stop by Olaf and Ramona, we had a great visit. Take care.

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That's too cool.
Have a safe trip Olaf and Ramona, wish we all could have met you.
Hi all- we are back home. It was sooo nice in the States again this year.
I will write a long posting this afternoon along with a couple of pictures
showing us visiting the south-east states, the factory, and "the hidden valley of Lamont"
....hehehe...we got bad lost, and came 2 hours too late.

Glad to see you made it home okay Bro. It was good to meet you and Ramona. 8)
I would like to tell a short story about our US vacation and will try to make it as short as possible…

We started in Hanover, Germany. 11 hours later we picked up our motor home in Orlando.

Poor man’s barbecue - $5 BBQ grill from Wal-Mart, 2 large $3 plastic cups for the Coke/Whiskey:

Ramona couldn’t stop laughing. Me, while not knowing how to handle the
guy in the background who wanted my steak…hehehe

He lost, but came back the same night….

Without words….seen in north Florida….

State Park near Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve heard a not stopping,
knocking noise after I shut the engine off. Seemed to me like it came
from the engine compartment. Boiling coolant, or somewhat. I opened the
hood two times, and tried to find out where this noise comes from. It
turned out to be a squirrel, building his home in the tree beside the
motorhome was the cause of the noise…three elder people from a not too
far away campsite watched me all the time and smiled…….hehehe

On our way to Memphis we’ve seen a dark-red Boss Hoss near the border
line Alabama/Mississippi, riding on the other side of the road. Maybe a
forum member, I thought. We visited Graceland, and the same day I went
out of whiskey. As it turned out later - a real unfortune if this happens in
Tennessee. A day later we arrived in Dyersburg. I’ve seen the bright red
factory truck from far away. I was surprised how small the factory looked like from outside.

We talked to Rad and Doug, two very friendly people, and really interested in
things going on in Europe. I told them about a Boss Hoss meeting which
will be held over here in Germany in two month. Then Ramona and I got
a VERY interesting and informative factory tour. Doug explained
everything we’ve seen very well and step-by-step.

Preparing the engine for Boss Hoss’s needs (taking the water pump off,
repainting of several areas and such…)

Engines and frames come together….

Henry Ford started the same way, too…

Parts department… I would have left Ramona in the factory for the
contend of all the shelves…hehehe

Being a metal worker all my life – certainly the most interesting part of
the tour was to see how they build the frames. Now I can tell everyone
even prouder than I ever did that every Boss Hoss is REALLY “Handmade
in Tennessee”.

After we took a couple more pictures with the ole’ #1 Boss in the
showroom, and after doing some shopping we continued our tour.

All the way to Nashville I’ve seen no Liquor store, and I still was out of
whiskey. I said to Ramona they sure sell the stuff in the supermarkets,
like they do in some other parts in the US. I went in a Wal-Mart, but they
sold only beer. I asked a guy where to buy whiskey….he laughed and told
me “We are a dry county”. Ok, but at least they had beer. I took a dozen
Corona long necks, which was a mistake, too. The cashier told me “I can’t
sell them to you”….I laughed, because I thought that was a joke, and
said – “Hey – do I look like under 21 years old?” he answered - “No way,
but did you forgot? No beer on Sunday”…hehehe
One more reason to visit the Jack Daniels distillery the next day, which was as nice as shown in the TV spots.

Chattanooga was nice, too. Then we headed to the Smoky Mountains to
visit Lamont in Mosheim. Lamont, we had a nice afternoon together, didn’t
we? You’ve got a wonderful family. And I’m still jealous how nice your
house and your land is. And what a beautiful area it is where you live. In
fact – if we would immigrate to the USA, I would consider moving to
Mosheim, too. The whole area around the Smokies is a motorcycle rider’s
dream. Lamont, do you remember when you said: “Let’s position here for
the picture, so no one will notice that the seat of my Boss is
off”….hehehehe….I just watched the picture close, and had to laugh.
Seeing the seat laying on the left side of the bike?…hehehe…

The following 10 days of our vacation we spend at the beaches of the
Carolinas and the swamps of Georgia before we flew back home to
Germany. Do we come back? You can bet. We love the States!

Ramona and Olaf aka Loaf
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Loaf, Awesome ride report!! Thanks for sharing it with us and the pics. I enjoyed meeting you and Ramona last year in Phoenix and you already know you are welcome at our place in Colorado anytime, Mike// :D
Awesome :D and welcome home again. Hope to see you soon for a ride. 8)
It take a guy from Germany to give us a tour of the factory. ;) Glad to see you made it home safe Bro. I really enjoyed our vist, jut wish we could have gone for a ride.

LOL about the seat. :lol:
Olaf! great post dude! Interesting photos of the BH factory too. Now ya gotta go back to the mundane day to day living. hahahahaha
Thanks for the post loaf . Just about like being there. Ive got to get me one of those digital cameras.


Sounds and looks like you guys had a great trip! Thanks for taking the time to write about your vacation and post pictures :D Kim and I hope to tour the factory in June when we are in the area ... I just got a preview :D

Great to hear you had a good trip. You guys sure get to travel a bunch.
How many times have you been to the States??? Most of us figure a great vacation is 1000 miles from home :lol:

Great pics of the plant, hope we get to the rally this fall and see it first hand.

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