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Veypor Unit

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Fast Eddie put me onto this on the Yahoo site, You must check it out.
They do a limited edition chrome case now as well.
I bought one and I'll have it up & running very soon. It gives you:
0-60 times
1/4 mile times (uses wheel rotation sensors and inertial sensors to calculate)
Calculates HP & Torque (from your runs & based on the info you input...bike/rider weight etc.)
Gear indicator, ...D'oh! I've got a one speed Boss!!! (copes with up to 6)
Braking times/distances/G-Forces)
Lap timer??? (fancy that on a Boss)

It stores & displays the info in various trick ways and can be updated (software/firmware) from their website.
Brag Racing here we come!!!
Oh yes, on one of the 1/4 mile runs it actually displays the Christmas Tree with the lights and gives you a red light if you try to cheat!!!

Les (UK)
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