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Ventura Pine Mtn. Loop

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This video is a little different then most my flicks. I have added a few new angles of bullet cams some worked out some didnt.

I have also added some solo shots which i dont usually dont do solo flicks. Solo shots are mostly shot on Hwy 33 just north of Ojai, Ca. We shot this video on June 22nd 2008. This ride temps ranged from the 80's to 100's. Sunny & Clear.

The route: Hwy 33 out of Ventura Ca. north to Lockwood Valley Rd. over to Cuddy Valley Rd. From there we went on to Pine mtn. for lunch at the Screaming Squirel. After Lunch we headed west on Mil Potrero Hwy on to Cerro Noroeste Rd. to Hwy 166 west then South on Hwy 33 back home to Ventura for a total of 208.1 Miles...

I just put a new set of Dunlop road smart tires on the FJR and just loved the way they stuck in the twisties.

Ok enough jibber-jabber sit back and do what you do and Enjoy the flick... Warning flick is almost 9 minutes long please enjoy my ride

Please let me know what you think of the new angles ( Off saddle bag)

Jeff/ Jdog
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