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V8 Motorcycle Run - Daytona 2005

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Here are the details of the V8 Motorcycle Run that the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the BHRA is organizing for Daytona Bike Week:

Friday, March 11, 2005
1:00pm - Begin staging at the Sunshine Park Mall (2400 S. Ridgewood Ave.). Route 1, South of the Millers vending area.
2:00pm - Depart from the Sunshine Park Mall
4:00pm - End ride at Chops Restaurant (Formerly The Highlander)
Length of Ride - "The Loop" is 22 miles. Total distance of the ride will be under 40 miles.

The Special Ops Division of the Daytona Police will be helping us with traffic management as well as providing us with an escort through their jurisdiction of our ride. The ride will go North on Route 1 from the Sunshine Park Mall. We will cut over to Beach Street at a point North of the Main Street traffic area in an effort to miss the traffic. This is where "The Loop" starts. There are some really impressive homes and cool sights on this scenic ride! More information can be found at: http://www.daytonachamber.com/bikeweek/ ... flash.html

When we hit the Daytona City Limits heading South on Atlantic Avenue, we will stop for a break at the Belair Plaza Shopping Center. We will meet 2-3 Daytona Motor Cops here who will call ahead and "clear Main Street's west-bound lane" for our group. The will escort us West on Main Street, over the Main Street Bridge, then left on Beach Street in front of the vendor area and Daytona Harley-Davidson. From here we will head South on Route 1 and finish at Chops Restaurant (The Highlander).

Rad Hunsley at the Boss Hoss Factory has agreed to add this ride to their events listing on the www.bosshoss.com website and he is forwarding the information about the ride to all Boss Hoss dealers so they can help to inform their customers.

This is going to be one chilling and powerful display of horsepower that will be a Do-Not-Miss event for Daytona 2005!

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Boss Hoss Riders Association is organizing this event. Our Chapter has held many group rides and is well versed on proper group riding techniques. All who participate will be comfortable with the pace set by the lead riders as well.

We hope you can join us for this run in just four short weeks from now!


Bill Taylor
Director, BHRA Mid-Atlantic Chapter

The Sunshine Mall is located @
2400 South Ridgewood Ave
South Daytona, FL 32119

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LaMonster will be there from East Tennessee 8)
daytona ride

gizmo from NE pa. will be there. Bring the BEER

What a great job organizing that ride. I regret I'll be missing it as partner Gary has to be back to work Thursday. Damn! Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you and riding in the days prior to that ride. Please try and get as many V8 buds motivated to do the Saturday night ride on the 5th. Best,

gotta get a BH... gotta get a BH...gotta get a BH.... lookin... sounds like a blast.

I just got time off and will be arriving thurs nite 10-Feb... maybe on ride, maybe in truck ( maybe buyin ride while there??)... either way, will make it a point to see you guys off if'n I cant ride with ya'll...

Let's just pick a spot right here and now for Saturday Night the 5th to meet up and see what kind of trouble as many of us as possible can get into. All bikes should be welcome to join this dinner ride.

I still think that The Highlander is as good a place as any to meet since there is food, drink and vendors next door/across the street to keep us busy if we end up waiting for others to show up.

We had previously said that as many of us as possible would try to stop by The Highlander (Chops Restaurant) around 3-5pm daily when possible to see who's there. I thnink we should still stick to that plan.

Why don't we just try to meet up at 5pm on Saturday Night the 5th at The Highlander for this dinner ride.

Can this work out for those who can't do the ride on Friday the 11th...and all others?


I'm there as well as a number of the SW Florida guys.

Me Too!!

Count me and Crazy Rick in. Yee Haw!!! Unfortunately I will be in Orlando the next weekend At SimComm for recurrency training in a King Air. That's pretty cool too!!!

If you ever fly that King Air into RDU ask for me. Just ask em if BTI is working they'll know who you're talking about. :D
Bill, you just cost me..........

a grand. Now I have to take a day off work for the ride on friday. YeeHaa! can't wait. See you there, bring BAIL MONEY??

I get to RDU several times a year - now if I could just fit the BH in the back. :lol: I'll ask for you next time the weather is in the dirt! Looking forward to meeting folks at Daytona.

5PM, 5th, Highlander..... I'll be there
Re: Bill, you just cost me..........

Hey Elliot, tell Gary that's what real V8Riders do. ;)

crazy_rick said:
Bill, you just cost me a grand. Now I have to take a day off work for the ride on friday. YeeHaa! can't wait. See you there, bring BAIL MONEY??
daytona ride

any one know a guy name BOB MOORE around the orlanda area with a BOSS ?
Friday Ride 11 March

Bill, sounds like an awsome ride you got planned. I might add one suggestion; on the final leg going south on US 1 you cannot make the left turn into Chops going south. I will give you two alternatives which will lead to Big Tree road and allow you to enter US1 from the south so you can make the right turn in to Chops (Highlander). Looking forward to riding with you guys.
Randy Epling :lol:
Thanks for the info!

I'll look this up on the map to see where Big Tree Road is...I might have to give you a call to clear the route up as we get closer.

Thanks again,

Good point, Randy.

That would be a hellavu task getting us turned around on Ridgewood.

I've put out the word at work for someone to cover for me that day so I can make the ride. Sure hope I can work it out. Sounds like a blast.

I'll be there on the 11th for sure ... The biggest group of Hoss' I've ridden with is 5 ... THIS should be an impressive site for sure! :shock:
Hey Don,
Where ya been??? I was startiing to worry about ya. I won't be to Daytona this year, but will be at Myrtle Beach. Any chance of you going to Myrtle?..........Don
Boss Man said:
Hey Don,
Where ya been??? I was startiing to worry about ya. I won't be to Daytona this year, but will be at Myrtle Beach. Any chance of you going to Myrtle?..........Don

Things have been crazy for me and I'm still trying to adjust to all the changes. Sorry to hear you won't be able to make Daytona :? I was actually going to do Myrtle Beach but would have had to give up Daytona and I didn't want to do that. We'll have to plan a NorthEast V8 Meeting!

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