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V-rod 280 tire

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Did anybody see the 280 tire kit by percision machine they now have for the Harley V-rod. Wow almost looks like you don't even have to use the kick stand. Very cool looking.
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A friend of ours is putting that kit on his wifes Deuce...think on that it is a 250, but it is huge :eek:

I wonder why someone doesn't come out with a wide 15" tire. I like the looks of the taller sidewall as opposed to the 18" . Just my preference.
I think they just look at the potential market.......in numbers......and there just isn't a lot of call for a 15" M/C tire. These 250, 280 & 300 series tires are being built strictly for the custom market.

If you look at the wheel market, all of the billet guys are starting to cut 18" X 10.5" wheels for HD style axles now........everyone will be running them in a year.............heck look at the 200's........they've only been out about 2 1/2 years..........and they're just a joke now.........I put a 180 on Vickis' Deuce and it look s puny.......

They show the V Rod with the fat tire on American Thunder this week. It looks awesome and is the best looking custom feature that I have seen put on a V Rod. The conversion kit should sell like hotcakes. A young guy and his sister are making them. The show should re-air on Saturday. The show is featuring Daytona 2004.

Jack - I agree, I like the higher sidewall and also the cushion it offers. Too many people I know have bent their wheels on the 17 and 18 tires. There is no give to them. The only way we can really go wider is car tire!! If you do go wider you'd have to get the wheel widened also/
Ed , I don't know , maybe I'm just old style but since I grooved my rear 230 Avon and narrowed my 1995 bobbed rear fender an 1 1/2" to fit the tire better I love the look and the handleing of my 2000 . Different strokes for different folks .
What did grooving the 230 do for you? Grip/Cornering? I have a dirt lane with a 400 foot elevation change and when the dew point kicks a little bit of moisture it might as well be snow!!.....Ray
Ray , grooveing the Avon 230 is for better traction on wet surfaces . The grooves are cut to expell water . The grooveing may help some on dirt surfaces but grooveing reduces traction slightly on dry paved surfaces . The stock tread on the 230 Avon is trecherous on wet pavement , so be careful.
I`ll second that!! I got caught in a LIGHT rain one day on my 230 tire. Just a little bit of throttle at 75 and it felt like ice.
The 230 Avon is just not safe on wet pavement because with nowhere for the water to expell out the sides it hydroplanes and the faster you going the more it hydoplanes. It's almost like running a slick . I don't understand why Avon didn't design some kind of water grooves in this tire. They have fairly good water grooves in all of their other tires .
Maybe they thought we woould send em up in smoke if they did... But then.. that would generate tire sales for them. Maybe we should ask them.
The first 230 I grooved would go up in smoke like crazy. I think I gave it to Elvis at the rally. I put a new one on 2000 miles ago and I grooved it only 1/2 of the groves like you showed us but it still goes up if you hit it hard.
I would think the guys that want to light the tires up all the time they would groove the crap out of them and save the high converter cost.

Did you notice a differance in the wet road handleing between grooving the first tire and then changing the pattern on the second tire.
The only time I was caught in the rain was with the stock 230 and it was terrible.
It was in Phoenix and was the first rain in months. The roads were like glass.

Groove the Avon! I take long trips with the bike and have found it to be wonderful. Drove 400 miles in driving rain on it last year and it performed flawlessly. No slippery feel and great lateral traction compared to stock. The grooving is a 45 minute job and results in a great tire. The tool is $59.00 and worth every penny. Using the stock Avon 230 allows you to keep the exceptionally high lod rating.
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