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Update your profile if you want too.

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We have a new feature in your profile. :D If you like you can now display your age in your profile. That will help you to remember how old you are and it will display your birthday at the bottom of the front page so everyone can give you something real nice for your birthday :D I know when you get my age it's hard to remember how old you are. :oops:

The calendar has been updated now so that you don't have to keep clicking through all the months to get where you want to go. Now you have a drop down menu for "month" and "year" so it makes it a lot faster to jump around on that page.

We have some other upgrades we are working on too. :D I hope you like them. 8)
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Lamont, thanks so much for all you put into this. Frankly I would be lost without it!

ps: couldn't find the birthdate thingy??/

Ride Safe!
Jack Phillips
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