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Jeff Myers is a good friend of mine. He was very helpful to me when I got back into skydiving. He is a great diver and a 4way compitition jumper.

Anyway, he used to ride HDs long ago and has been looking at the Boss sense we met. I often do burnouts at the airport (go figure) but he has always said he would buy another HD soon.

Well, he came over to the house the other day and couldn't take his eyes of the Boss. The next day, he ordered a new 502 from Atlanta Boss Hoss.

While in Myrtle Beach I pulled into the Mtn. Boss Hoss sight. Dave was picking up a small block he had just bought. He had told Mountain that he came to the beach to buy and sell HDs. But on the way out here he was PASSED (if you know what I mean) buy two guys on Boss Hoss bikes loaded up and headed for Myrtle. Turns out he said it was Warren and I that went by him and made him start looking at the Boss bikes instead of the HDs he came to see. :lol: Dave is also from Atlanta and has an airplane at the same airport as AcroPhil and I. I see lots of fun happening soon. Dave and I rode back to Atl. together on sunday. :)

With WIA, AcroPhil, Jeff, Dave and I doing burnouts all over town, it's going to be a real hot summer.

PS. Don't ride like this :lol:
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