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Triumph Rocket III

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Wow, look out guys another rocket hits the pavement. Check the specs out on this.

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Lamont- some good articles, looks like everybody is going bigger. in the cycle world. I like the triumph because of the leg room it affords riders with long legs like myself. The race is on!!!
I just read that the new triple Triumph is faster than the Haybusa. 0 to 60 and the 1/4 mile.

Adrain - do you remember what site you read that on? I know there was talk about two years ago Triumph had a bike in the making that would do that. Nice back tire on the bike!!
I found it on the last pages of a Motorcycle Magazine but can't seem to find it now but will. It is a new one and gives the 1/4 mile performance on several bikes. I will keep looking and let you know.
Triumph was the leader

Impressive numbers, but UUUGLY bike!!! This from a kannon owner.... Imagine that! :biker:
By the way... Hi Ya Adrian! You bout got that bum leg all healed up?

Just found the book and you are right. The name is Motor Cyclist January 2004.
Hayabusa 9.88 @ 143.88
Triumph 10.96 @ 122.12

Big differance.

My leg is getting much better and will be ready to go for it this summer if not before. We plan on going to Arizona bike week so maybe you might want to come along.

Just might at that... Glad to hear you are better!! Wish this weather would turn. Looking forward to lot`s of good riding this year.
Rocket III

That looks to be an awesome bike. I agree that it is ugly, but only on one side. If you look at the other profile, it looks like a completely different bike. I think that it is the square, blocky looking engine on the one side that looks ugly. The other side looks pretty sweet. The performance sounds very respectible. Stock 10 sec. quarter miles? I wonder if that is on paper or on asphalt??? If it is that quick, they will be looking for us.

If they come looking for us I willl ask them to race me from 0-130 mph in the gear that does 130mph tops....end of race period!!!!!

I did not buy the Boss Hoss to race anyone and know I can be beat. I tell guys that are interested in buying it that we have only 2 gears and that is a magor disadvantage for ultimate 1/4 mile times or 0-100mph street racing.....honesty pays off...no surprises after the sale!!! Just sit back and realize how impressive these things are and we ONLY HAVE 2 SPEEDS....
Adrain - You are correct on one item. The new Rocket is faster then a Haybusa from 0 to 60!!! 90% of the 147 lb of torque comes in at only 1800 rpms.. Wow!!! That's on a bike weighing only 660 lb ..(dry weight).

Biktoberfest demo rides!!
Rocket III

The guy with whom I take my cross country trips has an order in for one. Delivery, he was told, will be in June 2004. He is hot for this bike and I hope he buys it because I'm dying to try it to compare it to my stroker Boss. From the pics..it is U_G_L_Y! But...to each his own. He hasn't committed to buying it yet until he sees it in the flesh. Wants to check out quality, etc. He currently has a Valk but is embarrased by the way I blow him off so totally at any speed. I"m sure I'll be able to do so even if he goes for the Triumph but it should be an interesting side by side.
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