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Transmission questions?

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Ok , I just bought my first v-8 bike ...and I know it's a Kannon ...but here's my question it just seems to me that the auto transmission is the weak link on all v-8 bikes, the bike has 3,000 miles on it should i change the oil if so what kind/weight/how much?..should i put on an oil cooler other then the one built in the radiator....One last question is a cluch better then a auto...I'm not into burn outs, oh ya the bike creeps a little at stop should i place it in nutral? or change to a higher stall convertible
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Clutch vs Auto


I may get "STONED" for this sacrilidge, but I feel the auto makes the V8 bikes more tractible. I have a 97 clutch Boss, and thanks to Bill Taylor and the others that organized last Fri's ride thru Daytona, got to ride with LOTS of automatic V8s.

My clutch has some some issues that make it difficult to actuate sometimes, but if it were a perfect "2 finger pull" clutch, I feel the machine would be safer and lots more fun with an auto.

There are some "torque" issues that will jerk the scoot laterally right out from under you with a clutch not fully engaged, and the direction the torque "leans" the scoot makes R/H turns from a stop more challanging, especially if your trying to accelerate from a stop "briskly". The scoot wants to keep turning right regardless how tall the curb.

Lots of folks have put bezillions of miles on there clutch bikes, and I ride a lot myself, but I have never heard of anyone converting from an auto to a clutch. Lots have converted from a clutch to an auto.

My 2 cents.

Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips
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The "creep" at a stop is normal. Even the high stall convertors creep at a stop. Just the nature of the beast.

Not sure what trans fluid a Kannon uses, ours (BH) use Mobil1 MX4T 10W-40 synthetic.........some are now changing to other synthetisc though.

The opposite to Hawks right hand turn, is a left hand turn, if you have to throttle a cold motor as your making your turn the bike will stand its self upright making you go strait instead of left. So you look kind of amateurish with both of your feet down, and the front end steering left and right.

Another quirk of a clutch bike is the burnout. Standing still or rolling, with a hand full of clutch and throttle, the bike leans to the right, and you have to steer that way to correct it. And on a crowned road with the wide tire this is amplified.
If the clutch slips for whatever reason under hard acceleration, the bike turns right.

If your vacuum assist isn't working properly or you don't have one (like the King V) you'll be holding in a clutch made for a car until you can get on your way (traffic jam, red lights, parades )


In my case the vacuum assist is doing it's best, even recently put a new booster module on it. Problem is, a previous owner had a "big" number heavy pressure plate installed. It also has a 38/80 Gates setup which necessitates slipping it till Hell and gone. My arm was toast after all the slow stuff on Fri's ride.

When I can afford it, it's getting a Centerforce II setup, with the proper throw-out bearing and a resurfaced flywheel.

If Santa is really nice, maybe an auto, and if I can find a wrecked bike, maybe a 2 speed auto.

Ride Safe!

JAck Phillips
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