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elliot, what transmission are you using in your chopper? i thought a while back it was said that big brutes vr2 tranny was going to be used in the kannons? does anybody know if that is true or are they still using their own single speed? there has been a few posts lately about the alternative torque converters from nesco and coan with the higher stall speeds and how well they have been working. big brute claimed they had less power loss in the transmission than the nesco tranny. i think i have read the comments from those that have used it and they thought it was more efficient. do the higher stall speed converters in the nesco units have any effect on this? i now have 20,000 on my 2001 with no problems. when i bought my bike i was told to shift under power and not let off the throttle when shifting to overdrive. i took this to mean that it was ok to shift wide open and did that several times before i found out that was a bad. i also use reverse almost everytime i back up so knock on wood mine has been ok.
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