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Transmission Oil

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The Boss Hoss manual calls for Mobil 1 - MXT4 for the transmission. I've been to O'Reilly's and Auto Zone and can't seem to find it. Where have you guys been able to find it? Is there another oil that will work?
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You can usually find it at any M/C shop that sells 2 stroke motorcycles. Target usually carriers it also.

NESCO only recommends one other fluid and that is John Deere something. Almost everyone has changed to MX-4T.............

Grumpy--just had mine modified, different stator and TQ converter. Jim at Nessco only uses the Mobil 1 now for everything that comes thru. The Mobil 1 or Amzoil products are more stabile at temperature and have replaced the Deere product completely.
Does anyone know the amsoil comparison to MX4T. The price in Moosejaw for 1 litre of mobil 1 is $ 17.40.
I finally called amsoil and the MX4T 10w-40 equivalent in amsoil is
10w-40 synthetic motorcycle oil. According to stats a better oil.
The MX4T oil is supposed to have a higher friction coefficient and is used in tranny/clutch applications in Jap bikes. It is not a regular 10W-40W synthetic oil but one that allows better clutch hookup on than regular synthetic oil. I'd stay with it if I were you. Has worked perfectly for me and many of us here.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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