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Trans temp/ life diagram....

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Someone posted a while ago a link to a very interesting site. There was a diagram which displayed trans life related to trans oil temperatures. Something like:
180F - 10 Years expected trans life
200F - 5 Years expected trans life
230F - 2 Years expected trans life
280F - 0,5 Years expected trans life

Has someone saved that link, and would be able to post it again?


PS: I think to remember that the site had something to do with torque converters, but I can't find it.
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Hey loaf...
I didn`t save it, but I did find this... http://www.txchange.com/heatchrt.htm
I typed in the words "automatic transmission temperature chart" in my search and came up with that one. There may be more but I`m at work so I can`t spend lot of time right now. Hope this helps.
That's the chart, I was looking for. :D
Thousand thanks,
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