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Trans Temp and fan swicth installed

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I drilled and tapped my tranny and installed my tranny fan swicth (thanks Jack) and my temp sending unit. Took a few fittings but it came out pretty good.

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Just curious Lamont - did you install a new guage or using same one as before?
I used the same one. I like the idea of one gage for both temps, that really works well for me and now that I have the tranny on a thermo I won't need to look at the tranny temp too often. It ran a little cold with the fan on all the time.
I see you installed the T in the side of the trans. as opposed to the rear as others have. Great idea.
Tranny fan switch ?

Lamont, please tell me about this fan sw. Are you running a fan on a tranny cooler. Do you have any pic's ? Where can one get a small fan to mount up against the cooler ? Thanks much , HayHoss Craig
This is how I mounted my tranny cooler. Jack did something like this too.
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Forced air oil cooler

Lamont , thanks for the pic of your oil cooler with fan. Craig
LaMonsterV8 said:
This is how I mounted my tranny cooler. Jack did something like this too.
Nice set-up :!: and really good idea. What is the operating range of the switch? I like the location you have the cooler/fan located but I use my "glovebox" too often to give up space. I still have those two small fans that came with blower ... I'm thinking of rigging them to the stock cooler and see if there is a difference. For a quick test I would just run them on a toggle switch for traffic situation. Cooler is alway better!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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