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Toms wild trike.

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There is something called "excess" even in motorcycling :lol:

That is wild 8)


Man that is wild and I will bet it is a hand full.

I think Tom is staying at the same hotel as I am in Daytona . Can't wait to see this monster live .

MAN :!: Talk about wild. Bet this one would put a smile on your face. :) :) :)

3 Florida boys here that are looking to smoke yo' ass. You're gonna need to put some bigger bottles up there Bubba to stay with the choppers or Doug.

I'm also available (cheap) to pilot that mutha down the track at Deland. That way you can sit in the stands drinkin' beer and smiling.

And another thing...when you ride with us this time in Daytona, YOU RIDE IN BACK!!! Riding behind you and eating the debris those monster tires send back is torture.

My last words are...looks totally over the top even for you. You must have been drinking out of strange toilets to come up with some of these wild and crazy ideas. What the hell is next? Yes, I already know and are sworn to secrecy. You guys aren't going to believe.

My best guess, is an 8-71......... :roll: :roll:

After you guys get done with him. I want the next shot, after I put on
a fresh pair of "depends"....


PS- Please forward all donations to the "Old Fart Racing Fund" for
slicks-leathers and extra depends. Forget the motor homes, I need
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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