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SWEET looking bike. I like the looks of the dual fans ... the blades have a pretty aggressive pitch to them :shock: Very "cool" :wink: - set up. :D

I just joined this list so if this was discussed before give me a break. There was a V10 Viper concept bike that was experimenting with a turbo cooling system. Not a system to cool a turbo but a turbo to cool the engine coolant. Does anybody know how well it worked or if it is viable?
I was thinking of doing an experiment when I get my shop set up but I can never quite find the time. I need to retire so I can tinker. The radiator on all my V8's is just so ugly! I was even thinking of building a wing and putting the radiator inside mounted to a sissy bar with fans below and a formed expanded metal screen on top. Then I'd do the bike in a scheme like the old Super Bird.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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