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Timing a Clutch Boss

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I asked this on the other site, and it must be too basic. Had a couple other questions answered there by being pointed to previous posts.

I am concerned about how to "safely" do the timing procedure on a Clutch Boss. Totally a novice question I'm sure, but I just cain't visualize it. Should the Boss be on jack stand supports, etc. Is it a 2 person job?

Initially I suppose I'm hesitant to rake the RPMs up with no one on the bike "just in case". I'm probably being way too aphrensive.

Rather like sticking a grease pencil on stick into the tail rotor arc of an operating Cobra Helo in Nam to verify the blade track. I suppose if I have gone thru the procedure with an experienced person first, I wouldn't be so intimidated.

Actually Daytona bike week isn't too far away, I'll just ask some old salts there to "talk me thru it".

Thanks again.

Ride Safe

Jack Phillips
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