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The Hossman Cometh

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Sue and I are safely home in Syracuse. What a great trip. We got to meet many V8 guys there.

Steve and Janice Barr
Chris from N.C.
Crazy Rick and Karen
Don V-Man
Don Blixt
Badger Dave
Bill Taylor and his dad Baker

Many Thanks to Steve Barr for opening his home to Sue and I on the way down and to Jack and Cheryl Delelys for hooking us up with the great condo on the beach.

If I have forgotten anyone, sorry. Also met many other people not affiliated with this group. Lots of great people.

The weather was perfect. I rode around one day with a bandana rolled up on my head to catch the sweat and when I got back I looked like a zebra. My face and shoulders are still peeling.

Lots of very cool Bosses at the Highlander all week. Great place to hang out at.

Sorry that it is over. Can't wait until the next time.

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Hey Hossman. It was good meeting you, too. Thanks for the drink and I owe you one next time. Sorry I left so abruptly but a friend from the military called me for dinner and then I decided to leave the next morning a day early. Glad you had a good trip back. C ya.

Too bad you left early. It was nice to meet you.

Here is a pic of Lamonster, Badger, VMan and Hoss

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What a studly bunch! Post any pics you got. I'd love to see them. Do you have one of the "Engine 1" trike Bruce and Debbie had?

I took over 300 digital pics and videos. I even got just about all of main street on digital video. If there is a particular Boss you want to see, there is a good chance that I got it.

Here is the FireTrike

And here is one of my Boss getting Warshed

I got video of the fire trike with the siren blaring and the lights flashing. It was a real first class piece of work.

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Had a great time hanging out with you Bro. Take care
Glad you goys made it home safely. We'll get together sometime this summer and ride some of those awesome roads out your way. Had a good time hangin out!
hossman said:
Too bad you left early. It was nice to meet you.

Here is a pic of Lamonster, Badger, VMan and Hoss

Hoss Man and I would do good together. At my 300 pounds
I don't find many fellows that would make me look normal (no pun intended)
but at least my wife says that when she follows me on the Boss I look
like a normal size guy with the Boss being so big.

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