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The "CANADIAN HEAT" custom paint

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I am having problems getting some pics of this custom paint job to this site so here is the URL to go directly to the page....

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Great looking bike.
All you have to do is click the
again and it will show up like this.

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That bike looks awesome! One thing, not sure if you know this or not ... I had my rear caliper blow a seal. I called Levi and he sent me one under warranty because I prefer to do my own wrenching on my bike. The factory sends the calipers out with the bleed screw install on top and the brake line on the bottom of caliper. In the picture I noticed you still have the rear caliper set up that way. You can get a much neater install if you swap the bleed screw and the brake line. With the brake line on top you can run the line to the bottom of the swingarm (I attached mine with nice billet clamps to the swingarm) and you won't see the "loop" hanging down. I did not know you could interchange until I tried.

That is one of the coolest 8) looking flame jobs I ever saw. Very realistic looking. Who is responsible for that paint???

The paint was done by a friend of mine who lives just 3 hours north of me... Adam from PaintDruid...he is the only guy in Canada with the recipe for those flames. He is friends with the fellow in the US that developed the recipe. The US guy painted Jesse James excursion and it has been on some shows already....his US website is www.killerpaint.com and my Canadian friends website is www.paintdruid.com People at the show were just overwhelmed by the realistic flames!!! It should attract a lot of attention on the road in a few months and sell some Boss bikes for me....

Take care
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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