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Thanks to the Daytona Folks

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Just wanted to extend a big "Thank you" to all that helped me with my mechanical issues while in Daytona last week (imagine that on a Boss Hoss). Too many to mention everyone but Marv and Daytona Boss (Randy and Casey) went way out of their way for me. I have had just about every mechanical issue with my 03 SB since I bought it two years ago. I don't think there was ever a time that there wasn't some issue. After my first couple of days in Daytona with the bike down for repair I was frustrated and even told my girl "I think I'm finally Boss Hoss'd out" and went to the speedway looking at other touring bikes (for reliability). Anyway, after the bike was fixed the feeling went away the first time I spun the tire. She offered a solution: buy a Gold Wing or BMW1200LT and keep the Boss. Now there's a novel idea....I'm on the hunt. The BH is running better than it ever has and for once has no issues (shoudn't as I have replaced everything at least once) but I'm likely going to pick up a spare (reliable) scoot as a spare. Nice to meet all of you and sorry I missed the Friday run. By Saturday I was back in Cleveland to 15 degree temps and snow.

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Same here guys! I had no mechanical problems but I had quite a few questions and it sure was good to put a face to the posts here. Friday I saw a lot of bikes that I recognized but with all the people milling about, there was no way to know who was who. Maybe next year we can wear name tags or something.

One of the advantages of making the BH rally is the chance to spend more "socializing" time with the guys, but after 2 in a row I still missed meeting a bunch. Hopefully a lot of folks will make the Dyersburg meet this fall.

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