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terminal illness

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I just thought I’d let everybody know I went to the Doctors yesterday and I’ve been diagnosed with a disease. It could be terminal unless I go for treatment. Some of you may have heard of it, it’s called cabin fever. I got a prescription for a 120 mph blast on a Boss Hoss to be taken twice daily for the next two weeks then as many blasts as possible. The Doctor told me anything above 120 would greatly improve my cardio vascular system. This diseases is extremely contagious so please pass this along to all you biker type friends and family. I have began treatment since it's 60 degrees in NJ now and am starting to feel much better. Doc Joe, I need your second opinion.. Symtoms: sitting in the garage and glaring at bike, sweaty palms and dry throat (beer helps) when sitting on bike in garage.

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Damn it...........none of the specialists at the Mayo have been able to diagnose my problem for years.......I'm forever in your debt :lol: Have spent millions trying to medicate for it, beer, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, women,.........so simple.


I thought you were in Daytona? Hmmm, I better take back all that nasty stuff I said about you to Ken yesterday! :oops: And here I thought you were again avoiding Elsboss! :wink:

Elliot 8)
yo dude, I am in Daytona, where are you?? Only kiddin!! Hey Kenny down there with you? Bad mouthing?? Did you see a good looking guy ride past you with NJ plates and thought it was me avoiding you?? After reading some of your e-mails and posts my wife has forbid me to hang with you. You're a bad influence, trouble, go directly to jail, type of guy, quote unquote from my wife!!

I think Ken is heading south of the border. Feeling better, weather's improving, he's sounding pretty good :D . We had a good "Jap bike" talk.

Only NJ tags I saw in Daytona were on grungy V-twins, lowlifes on early 70's Sportster choppers. Lots of gold jewelry, missing teeth, and leather vests with the name of some now defunct outlaw m/c gang. Damn Ed, you guys are rough! :twisted:

If your wife has been peeping over your shoulders looking at my emails to you, she know's I'm NOT going to jail...just to hell, hee hee! :oops:

Didn't you have Daytona plans at one time recently?

gold teeth, tattoo,s , choppers, ok so you spotted me!! Bikeweek Daytona? I did that from 1990 to 1998 then I got invited to biketobersfest. I said what am I crazy, 1/3 the traffic, predictable weather, and 99% of all the same events... the only way to fly.
I was thinking doing something different though this year, maybe sturgis or there is another event getting big called thunder in the valley, very close to Mountain Boss. Myrtle Beach also sounds pretty good and deserves a try. So many events so little time!!! Now my wife thinks for sure you are writing from a prison cell. hee hee talk to you later bubba!!
When's this Big Thunder in the Valley thing? Who sponsors it? Maybe we can ride out together. Would be a good day's ride.

We miss you on the other sites. The bull**** has stopped so come on back over once in a while.
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the invite back over to Yahoo. I'm going to have to pass. Between this board, the Yamaha FJR board, the Florida Sportsman fishing board, the hotrod boards, etc, etc...I'm about out of time to ride and fish and Jeanette only gets to see the back of my head half the time. :?
I really like this board and got to the point of disliking the advertising on Yahoo to the point I didn't want to use it anymore. If this board let you post without having to go to a website to do so, it would be perfect.

Hopefully, if there's anything significant going on in the world of Boss Hoss, it will get posted on both sites. In the meantime, don't be a stranger on this one and best regards.

Elliot 8)
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