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Just a test....
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Another test...

Hello. I'm sick and crazy.... hehehhe
And I hope my signature will show our current temp and time :)

Hmmm....didn't work

I'm Loaf and a little mad, and hope my signature is below
with temps and time from over here.....
a little mad??? come on

Loaf, your time and temp shows up just fine.

Thanks, that was a good idea. I am soooo happy that you got ****ty weather there too.

To Badger

Dave, you got a private message from me. Please check your "Inbox" folder.

Thanks guys...I can get it to work in the subject but not the Signature,Loaf,I deleted the 999 but it still won't work'''''the URL at the bottom is what I have in my signature box

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One more question......Hey Lamont,If you look at our old posts the time and temp stay the same......Your old posts the time and temp are up-dated...How did you do that???
testing too, before I ask Lamont to do it for mr
Lamont did it for me. Thanks again Lamont :beer3:
OK, how do you add the banner? I tried a couple times and it doesn't work. :(
Cruisin Dave said:
OK, how do you add the banner? I tried a couple times and it doesn't work. :(
Send me your zip and I'll load it for you. All the really cool 8) guys have them ;)
Is this a cool site or what?? Lamont, you did (and do) a hell of a job :lol:
Never mind Lamont...my computer-savvy wife figured it out! :D I'm better suited at wrenching on the bikes than working at the computer... :lol:
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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