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Tell you what else I like about this board

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Seeing I read the yahoo board on the web I find it very time consuming to go through each message to read one topic. :( The bad part is every third page I have to go through another ad page :( Then if someone changes the subject in the middle of the thread it really gets loss. :(

I like having all the replies under one subject so that way if you have been away for a while and there are 12 new post in that subject, all you do is click once and you can read all of them together :) and if you want to reply to just one of the messages in the middle of the thread you just hit the "quote" button on that message and then you can tell who you are replying to.

This is not a dis of the people who like and use the yahoo board and I hope it is not taken that way, it's just a reality that hit me about the yahoo board this morning when I went to read the messages. I just gave up, don't have the time for that. :(
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I still like both of them although I wish there was only one, just makes posting easier. One stop shopping would be nice.
You are right and here is why for me. I wanted to find out where Jack was with his polished pulley, took only a few seconds to look it up. Try that on Yahoo.

You are right Eddie....can't give up on the Yahoo yet...as long as there is life there I am there too!!!
Well I know I am new to all the V8 Message Boards so my opinion may not mean a whole lot.

I like this forum MUCH more then the Yahoo forum ... it's easier to navigate all the way around. I hate having to click through advertisments that have nothing to do with why I am visiting the Board in the first place - MOTORCYCLES! Maybe if the ads on Yahoo were for Dennis Kirk, JP Cycles, Custom Chrome etc etc you get my point, maybe then I could deal with it better. I don't like having to open every individual message to read a thread just to find out after getting through an ad the subject has changed.

I may check the Yahoo Board once a week but I check this site a couple times a day ... I like it! Thanks to everyone that has had a hand in development of this site and I hope it continues for a very long time.
I think the layout here is more user friendly once you get acclimated to it....also really like the option of clicking on the "new since your were here last" option to check the messages in all forums at once that are new.

Saves a lot of time. I still look at all three site every day to keep up, but I guess I'd vote for this as first due to it being faster to check out what's happening. :lol:

Tim :beer3: :beer8: :capwin: :beer2:
(leaving for Cozumel Thursday am...can you tell what's on my mind?)
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