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I just got back from a 200 mile ride on my Boss Hoss Trike and except for a little pain in my knee I feel so much better than when I did the same ride on my Harley Deuce Trike. Adjusting the floorboard should take care of the knee pain.

I need to adjust ( tighten ) the alternator up a little. I noticed that my gauge stayed steady on 14 volts for the first half of my ride but on the way back it started jumping around down to 10 and then up to 13. I think the belt might be a little loose.

The wider handlebars seem to make a huge difference in the way the Trike handles. And the riding position seems to put a lot less strain on my back.

I have also noticed that my confidence is back to where it was before I had my small stroke (not having to shift or use the foot clutch make a big difference ).

I am so looking forward to tomorrows ride.


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