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Sturgis 2004

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I know the BH rally isn't even here yet, but I'm already thinking about Sturgis.

I posted on the BHRA site asking if there would be any interest from those attending Sturgis to develop a one day get together.

Possibly a midmorning meet at a central location, then cruise through Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood, Needles, back to Rapid City for dinner and then to Sturgis Main Street for a nite cruise "enmasse" so to speak.

We are out there from Saturday to Saturday so any day is good. Wednesday is typically when everyone goes to Huelett & Sundance so maybe Thursday or Friday would be great.

If there is any interest, I'll talk to Rick & Pat at North Country to see if they're going to have their BH party again this year in Central City and what nite it is.

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I am hoping to get to Sturgis with my 2 sons this year...I will try to attend any Boss Hoss gathering if it is the days I am there....probably Mon-Thur
Well, here's the fisrt suggestion for a BH ride in Sturgis:

Meeting Place: Pamida parking lot - I90 / exit 30 / Lazelle St. / NE corner

Time: 10:00am to 11:00 am Friday August 13th

Agenda: Depart @ 11:00am for Spearfish, Spearfish Canyon to Cheyenne Crossing, to Deadwood ( lunch at VFW) to Hill City (beverage stop), to & through Needles & Iron Mtn to Keystone (beverage stop), to Rapid City HD & BH dispay area (dinner @ Rapid City?), to Sturgis for nite cruise on Main Street enmass :)

This about 200 miles for the day and when we do this trip it usually from about the same time in the morning and we get into Sturgis about 9:00 pm.

We can also add a side trip to Full Throttle prior to Main Street, as they are supposed to have the 4 lane done all the way out there and back.

Let me know what you guys think and if it sounds good we'll plan on it.

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Well guys its only 2 1/2 weeks to Sturgis. Lets firm something up. I also remember something about a burn out contest in Spearfish??? Is this correct? If so whats the deal and when? It seems to me Wed works the best, unless everyone heads to Huelett, but I understand thats getting to be a drag and so many people show up there and walk miles after parking their bike to get into town. I don't really care.......I remain...as always..........FLEXIIIIIIIIIIIIABLE !!!! Yahooooeeeeeeee....Steve 8)
Cindy and I will be getting in to Sturgis Sat. the 7th. thru Thurs. the 12th. On the BH website they are saying the factory rig is going to be across from the full throttle at the entrance to Glencoe.

I mentioned a while back that I would be doing a trip to the east coast and then west to Sturgis. This has now changed: I was forced to change jobs and I can't get enough time off to do it this year. I was able to get a week off to go to Sturgis though, and I want to hook up with you guys for a day ride. We'll be leaving Calgary Friday evening, Aug 6, and roll into Sturgis. I'll keep watching this site to see what you guys get organized.

There is a burn out contest in Sundance, Wyo.....about half way to Huelette......it's always on Wednesday..........nice place to stop and great little "refreshment" spot.

Huelette is still okay but getting tightened up by the law enforcement community more every year. Sundance has really become the new Huelette.

Thursday night (the 12th) is the Boss Hoss party in Central City (between Deadwood & Lead) put on by North Country Boss Hoss. A day ride can be set up anytime...........and an evening ride through Main Street Sturgis with a big group would br pretty impressive.

We'll be there Saturday the 7th and we are heading home on Sunday the 15th.

Cell 320-260-1381

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TIM, You've got to head this thing up. I haven't rode all over out there like you. There's a couple of postings, one here and one on the BHRA site. It can get confusing. After reading some post here, it seems like Tuesday the 10th of August would be a good time for the day run and cruising through Sturgis. Kaveman is leaving the 12 on Thursday and Wednesday is Sundance burn out day (which I will join up with ya if its ok). So make a decision....BADBOY..... and let everyone know so we can ride as a group (nothing cooler than that!). Thanks........From the Northwwods...where the men are men and the women are men!!! Steve :biker3:

Let's just set it up to meet in Spearfish at the Ford dealership right at the first Spearfish exit on WB I90. There will be a couple BH dealers set up there. The dealership is on the south side of the freeway.

If we meet there and are ready to leave by 11:00am we can make the second meeting spot Deadwood. That way those who want to ride Spearfish Cayon can and the rest we'll meet at Deadwood VFW.

Leave Deadwood about 12:30 or so???? Those who want to go be there??

Then Wenesday we'll just see who shows for the Sundance ride, again we can meet at Spearfish and take the two lane cruise out there. Meet at Spearfish at about 11:00am again.


so, Grumpy, are you the official leader of this outing? if so, could you (or whoever) write up a post on the definate times, places, happenings etc of any boss hoss events/ get togethers, that we might need to know about during sturgis? (something we can print off, take with us, and refer to once out there)? i know that sounds like a big request, but this will be our first time there, and i am sure there are others who dont know where anything is at, where the dealers will be, stuff like the north country party etc. it would be a great help to us "newbies" if you all could put something together, as well as being greatly appreciated! :lol: thanks a bunch, hope to c-ya there! dani
Hi Dani,

Nope, nothing official about it. I just suggested that we try to get some of the BH folks together for a ride. Seems like there are always a fairly large number of BH woners in Sturgis but always run in their respective small groups.

I'll try to make a list of the stuff I know of, but these two rides are just something my friends (HD people) do evey year.
Dani, etal:

This is what I know.....

Factory rig @ Thunder Roads - east side of Sturgis across from Full Throttle Saloon.

Dealer trailers @: Subway Sandwich Shop - Lazalle Street / Sturgis
Integrity Ford @ Spearfish - exit 14 I90
Holiday Inn @ Spearfish - exit 14 I90

BH Party arranged by North Country Boss Hoss (Rick & Pat Krone) Thursday night August 12 at their hacienda in Central City, SD (halfway between Deadwood and Lead on Hwy 14) great time, live music last year, 2 great little cantinas.

Sundance, Wy Wednesday 8-11 - annual party including music, beverages, massive burnout contest.

Huelette, Wy Wednesday 8-11 Used to be the "old Sturgis 'til a couple years ago and they started to crack down on things.....

Keystone, SD - party everyday/all day/all week / on the way to or from the Needles/Iron Mtn ride - if you haven't done Needles/Iron Mtn it is a fantastic ride but requires paying a lot of attention - lots of very tight turns and very deep drop-offs. I try to do that ride at least 3 or 4 times every year.

Spearfish Canyon - another beautiful ride lots of twisties - pay lots of attention..There is just so much great riding it would be hard to name it all, plus the hundreds of bars and casinos to play in :)

I guess if I had a word of advice to anyone going to Sturgis for the first year, if you don't put on a 1000 miles you haven't seen anything....and if you lose concentration for more than about 10 seconds, you're probably going to hit somebody :) You really have to pay attention to the oncoming traffic and ride the low side of the road if you can......seems like the largest number of bad wrecks in the past several years have been crossing the center line, hooking bars head on or going off the road due to high speed in very unforgiving turns.

I went for the first time in '64 and have never had a problem, and still think it is the best all-around rally with the friendliest bikers, but it is getting to have alot more inexperienced riders participating each year. I'm sure there are a lot of folks on this board who know a ton more of stuff to do there.

Hope we see out there, join us for one of the two rides if ou can.

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:D Tim, Thanks for putting this together for everyone. Barb and I will be there probably on the 5th (Thursday). I love this get together...nothing better than riding into a Ford dealership with a bunch of bad ass Chevy engines!!!!! BTW, where are you staying? We're at Hog Heaven Campground....Cell phone is 715 892-0558. Looking forward to seeing everyone.....Yahooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Steve :capwin:

We stay at Elkview Campground, 5 miles east of Sturgis, exit #37 on the north side of freeway, pad #11.

Grumpy, thanks for all the work. Gotter printed off, checked out the web sites- lotsa good info there. cant wait to see the full throttle saloon, our beer-joints around here are lucky to have 72 customers,, much less 72 bartenders! Am getting anxious, excited, and a bit nervous. dreading the 1000 mile one way trip. Just got back from little sturgis (kentucky) this last weekend, and it was only 7 1/2 hours from the house. (of course a big time was had by all!) even met a new BH dealer setting up in louisville ky. it always seems like yer never gonna get there when you are going somewhere fun. again, i sure appreciate ya, and forgive me already if i dont recognize you all out there, even if i met you at tan tara. Vettes are few and far between, so if you see a mouthy blonde on a black and red pinstriped one, come say HI! dani :biker:

My cell is 320-260-1381. Gave you the wrong site # at Elkview, it's #20.

We generally start the rally the first Saturday (8-7) at OneEyed Jacks for an evening of cocktails and falling down. Seems that all of our friends from St. Cloud & surrounding areas end up there sometime during the evening. We will be there for sure.

We stop at the VFW / Deadwood everyday going out and coming back.
Silver Dollar Saloon in Spearfish is very good. Keystone (only bar in town) on the balconey.

With the cell system so busy out there, we generally just call and leave messages as to where we are going to be at an approximate time and try to meet up, but nobody waits in case something goes nuts.

Hope we see ya there for a cool one......I think you'll recognize the scooter if you see it one the street??

Tim & Vicki
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Yo.....See you and Vicki at One eyed Jacks Saturday for sure. We were going to stay at Elkview again this year but I couldn't take the dust anymore, so we thought we would try out Hog Heaven campground. I don't have a site number until we get there...all I know is its called the pines area. I hope we have a great get together on Tuesday for a ride. I know there is a lot of people that read these post but don't post themselves, but it would be nice if everyone would give a yea or nay if there able to show up.. Just a thought. More the merrier!!!! Yahoooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Steve

ya, Jack was bummed last year, he contracts to the same guy every year to do the drives and keep them watered. Last year the day before the rally, the guy took another job for some contractor in Wyoming and never told Jack until the day he was supposed to be there. Jack said he was going to get his own setup in the future to do the drives.

Like I said about the rides, those who show, will. It is always hard to get people together out there unless they are staying in the same location, but at tleast this will give us someplace to meet on Tuesday & Wednesday....if we decide to do more while we're there we can set it up during those ride.

See ya at OneEyed Saturday night :beer3:


A couple of HD buddies and I will be haulin' ass and should get into Sturgis and to One Eyed Jack's Saturday about Miller time. I'll probably walk over there because I am renting a house with 5 other guys located about 3 blocks from the Broken Spoke Saloon. That way, if I have too many Millers I can just stumble home afterwards. See you there!! :capwin:
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