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starting problem

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my 03 bike (350/385) has a electrical problem. I tend to think it is in the dash wiring. sometimes I can start the bike other times it is dead. My neutral light does not come on. Battery is good starter is good.

Bike was in the fire at Oklahama Boss Hoss. All the electrical contacts are coroded, I have replaced fuse box.

Any help is appreciated.

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Chances are you will need to clean all your connections. Sounds like your master relay may be bad or at least not gounding good through your switch. Jumper across your maser relay when it won't do anything and that will tell you quickly if it's the relay.

Could be your neuteral switch inside the trans. If you ground the green wire coming out of the rear of the trans. ,this will allow you to start the bike in any gear so be careful . If the bike starts then you will know where the problem is .
Is it just not turning over when hitting the starter or is the whole electrical out. Do your lights, and water pump go on. If they run and continue to run when trying to start the bike you may have a bad ground. Your ignition switch works on the (-) leg of the curcuit to actuate the master relay. Check your grounds. You can use a test light to try and see where you are loosing your curcuit. You have the "tranny switch", ground lug on side of block (usually abore starter area), and possibly on the left handlebar. If you have power you can also try bypassing some of the switches and see if you can get it going, then you will know where the faly area is. Good Luck.
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