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I just ordered a Powermaster starter for my Boss to replace the stock mini starter . My stock starter still works fine but I know the Powermaster is a much more dependable starter . My question is will all my wiring from the stock starter be long enough to connect to the new Powermaster starter? I noticed by the picture of the Powermaster , the connections appear to be in a different location than the stock starter and I don't have a lot of slack in my wiring . Has anyone switched and might know if the wiring is long enough ?
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I switched from the stock to a PowerMaster on my 2000 small block and everything worked fine with the wiring. I switched to the PM on my current bike, too. Only thing with this one is you can't back the nut all the way off the stud to get the wires off because the nut hits the frame first. I am going to cut a bit off the end while I have the starter off.

Thanks Chris, I guess what I was asking was is are the connections farther away than on the stock starter because I don't have a lot of slack in my starter wiring . That's good to know about the stud , I'll check it out before I mount the Powermaster .
Which Powermaster starter.

Is the powermaster starter you guys are using the mini-gear reduction starter (model 19000) with 160 lbs or torque? Powermaster makes several and I was wondering which one to get.
Jim , If you have a smallblock , the Summit Racing part number is PWM-19502 for the chrome model .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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