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Speedo Upgrade

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Can anyone tell me what's involved in upgrading the mechanical speedometer to the electronic one on a 2000 bike? I have installed a 2004 wiring harness so that should not be an issue.
Also, does anyone know if the new Joker control pre-wired handlebar unit can be used with the earlier Wildwood calipers?....Joe
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New style speedo

Happy New Year!

You might call Roger @ Mountain Boss Hoss (814) 458-8297.

My Boss is a 97 with 03 swingarm, front and rear wheels, etc, and they converted the speedo to the new electric pickup style.

It counts "beans" at the front sprocket with a mag pickup similar to what we use for rotor smoothing computers on our helos. Be sure to run a well shielded wire strand where it passes the distributer, and ground the shield, or it will count RPMs @ "O" forward speed as well.

MBH has been more than helpful every conversation I've had with them.

Hope this helps.

Jack Phillips
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I have a brand new white face electric speedo head from BH, (autometer}

The box has not been opened. One half the factory price, whatever that
is, plus shipping.


PS. Don't forget you have to change dash panels or enlarge your mechanical speedo opening, as the electric is larger.
Thanks for the input guys. I think I've already gotten myself int enough problems this year and will wait on this. Geez, I just had the dash panel custom repainted and have all black faced gauges so I'll pass but thanks for the offer...Joe

Check your inbox. Sent you a PM. I would be interested in the speedo if available.

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