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spark plug replacement

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I went to replace my BH plugs and lo n behold it looks like I will have to remove the exhaust headers! Anything I have to watch out for? Do I need to buy new exhaust gaskets too? I have 22k miles on my zz4.
Thanks in advance
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You shouldn't have to remove the headers. The first and last plugs on each side are tough to get at, but you should be able to do it with a box end wrench. That's how I get at mine on my ZZ4. Ya can't torque them in but You should be able to tighten them by "feel." Or torque the middle ones, and get a feel of how tight they are with a box end, then do the others. Just a suggestion, but easier than taking off the headers.........Don B

If you have the correct wrench you won't have to remove the headers.
If you do remove them I use the same gaskets if I didn't tear them.
If you do remove the headers I would go ahead and replace the
antifreeze and drain the block with them off. Much easier with them off
and you have had your bike long enough it should be changed.

Easy spark plug removal fix


I have found you can take a dremel with a tungsten deburring tool and take just a wee bit of metal off the edge of the header flange and, voila, a thin walled plug socket will fit. And, this solves the problem forever more.

Guys, thanks for the info. I will finish the plug job today and as pointed out I must also redo my antifreeze . But first I gotta take a long nap. Wuz out too late last night drinkin, dancing, and other dastardly deeds.hahahha
The difficulty in changing the plugs is why I went to the Bosch platinum plugs. Good forever (100,000 miles)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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