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South Florida

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My thoughts the last several day have been my concern over a few of our board members that were close to the eye of the storm.

Elliott in Ft.Meyers, Neil South of Orlando and Gary in Naples.

Badger called me last night and all is ok with him. Tampa got 70mph

On top of that, Elliott owns a few insurance agency's in the Fla area.

I have great concern, until we receive word from them.

Geezer :(
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I just got off the phone with Elliot. He and Gary got wacked by the storm. He is presently on a motor generator for electric but veverybody is OK. Neil area were spared the hit so he is OK also. He will e-mail me with the details as soon as he get electric, cable, and the other stuff.


HAWK88 here. I suppose one of the Fl. gang. I live near the KSC, about 45 miles south of Daytona. The worst missed us by a very narrow margin. Didn't really know the path till yesterday as our power went out very early (11 PMish). It had gotten quite rude by then, and the big blue lights started (exploding transformers I suppose). We weathered well, power was out for about 36 hours. Couple blocks of Dry Ice saved all our food (never heard of using it before but a chunk in each freezer, and a small bit in the refrigerator works great). Stuff lasts about 3 days. I'm definately shopping for a Generator though! About 3500 to 5500. Anyone can help educate me or know of reliable sources let me know please.
We definately missed a bullet. I know others weren't as lucky, and wish to help any and all I can in any way.

Jack Phillips
Jack, I would not be without a genny in my neck of the woods. Lose power quit a bit. Get a 5-6000 watt gen to run the average house. Portables work fine unless you want to get into automatic starts and stuff. Make sure the wiring is done properly so you don't blow up the guy on the pole or your generator. I run two furnaces, 2 ref, deep freeze, well, water heater, micro wave, and enough plug ins to have sat tv and some lights on a 5500 watt.(Obviously they don't all run at the same time). Gen should have a automactic low oil shut off. My best to everyone in the South...mother nature is a powerful sob.......

Steve Hanson


Thanks for your concern. I see Fast Eddie already posted our status.
Yes, although a few brown stains in my shorts, we are OK. We never even
lost our power. Whewwwwwwwwwwwww!

The storm came closest to Elliot. I couldn't get through to him until
yesterday. Cell phones, land lines, nothing worked. But, he is OK. He
suffered no damage to his home, pool, boats, etc. Just a little shrub
and landscape damage.

We were very, very lucky.


Phone: 352-429-4907
email: [email protected]
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I'm really glad to read that Elliot and Niel are OK! They were right in the crosshairs of that thing compared to us. We're in the south traffic pattern of the Titusville airport, and I think were right, and of course well east of the most powerful stuff. We had an impressive blow, but our prayers were answered!

Steve, thanks for the council on a Genny. Wasn't aware one that small could run so much. Think I'll continue in that direction before I worry any more about the Boss carb!

You'all Ride Safe!
Jack Phillips

Thanks for the concern and well wishes. Although the eye missed us by about 10 miles, we were on the right hand side of it and took a pretty good licking. Mostly landscape damage and trashed pool cages. As of today (11:30 pm) many are still without electric and water and others had their places totally trashed. We are indeed lucky and thankful.

We had no power for 3 1/2 days but a 5,500 watt generator wired into the breaker box kept all the 110v stuff going. In addition to our lights, fridge, freezer, fans, TV and outlets powered up, we were able to run one neighbors fridge, fans and a few lights and another's small room a/c unit. Damn I love internal combustion stuff! How do you think a V8 generator would do, hee hee?!

Again, many thanks for the concern and best wishes from sunny SW Florida :roll:

Elliot...Hoping all gets back in order ASAP. Glad you didn't get the worst of it. Thoughts are with you and keep on posting....Joe
Elliot, best wishes to you, the mrs. and the rest of the "South Florida Gang", Gary, Charlie, etc...
Elliot, Neil, Badger and all,

Keep at it boys....that's why you ride V8s'.........'cuase you're a cut above :)

my first post here - I am part of the S. Florida gang - Elliot about covered it with the preliminary Hurricane report - and life is getting back to normal fairly fast after such a big blow - not so for those slightly north of us in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Arcadia... etc - pretty bad there!

Gary and I sat on his lanai under the overhang and watched 70++ mph winds trim his trees good - had a few beers in the process. Got home to Fort Myers at about 7:30 to many downed trees, lots of standing water a ton of debris and county wide power outage - got the generators fired-up - then the chain saw - had the yard about done by sunday afternoon - - not a scratch on the house - thank God!

Others were not so lucky - - - am going to ride with Gary to Port Charlotte on Sunday and see if we could help the less fortunate!
Welcome aboard Rick. Good to hear you got through it without too much damage and no injuries for our group.

Us unfortunate northern yankees may freeze in the winter, but other than a few tornadoes, we are pretty lucky in weather department.

Good luck.


Rick USED to be a Yank himself but he did himself proud with the hurricane drill. He's a big bad dude though and I didn't hear him whine much at all. He needs to post a few pics of his smallblock. One of the finest looking around. Now, if Gary and I can just convince him how bad he needs to hang bottles on it so he'll be able to keep up with the choppers, hee hee! :wink:

Speaking of recovering, I heard from John, the guy who bought my bigblock and had that bad wreck. He was originally airlifted to a hospital and had lots of plates and screws putting him back together. Really dicey because John is a world class, world record holding power lifter. There was a strong prospect the wreck had ruined his career with both that and operating the gym in NY. Anyhow, against doctors orders he cut a cast or two off after a few weeks and has been doing his own regimen to recovery. Apparently successfully as he reports he'll be able to compete again one day and is getting very strong again quickly. I was really glad to hear it. John is down to one Road Kill, er I mean "King" in the garage and I fear this wreck has iced down his ambition for V8 bikes, certainly for the time being. Anyhow and most importantly, just wanted to let some folks know he was coming along well and we wish him the best. A really good guy and a real unfortunate deal.

Also got some pictures from Jeff Hemperly. I mean to tell you guys, that was a VERY nasty injury. Jeff, I about lost my Corn Flakes more than once with the pics you sent me! Can't open your emails til well after a meal. Your foot torn in half and all those skin grafts were intense dude. Really glad you and Mrs. H are doing well. All the best bro'...

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I'll make sure any more pics are PG-13 , or just bike pictures. My wife is back to work and rode her bike around the block ! I'm doing so well on one crutch now, that I can make dinner, run the vacuum, do laundry, and all that other "real biker" stuff. It helps pass the time untill I can start turning wrenches.
Glad to hear about John doing well. He is lucky. We're ALL lucky .


Glad to hear you made it through the storm without a direct hit. We too were lucky in that it slid by to the south of us.

Welcome to the forum!

Glad to hear it continues to go good for ya. Keep it up and you'll be back in the saddle before the snow flies :lol: Great to hear your bride is back on the scoot, that's always a tough decision in itself after a wreck. Good for her 8)

Nice to here John W is mending too, sounded like he took a horrific hit in the accident. Keep us posted on his recovery El.......would think it would cool his excitment for any scoot, not just V8s'.

We had another of our group take a bad spill last Friday night (not a V8 though))
One of the girls who has ridden with us for several years, grabbed a handful of front brake trying to stop to make a turn (reportedly @70mph), front wheel locked up for about 10' then it pitched her over the front :cry: Lots of fractures in her face and 40 to 50 stitches, road rash and now a couple rounds of surgery to repair her cheekbone.

Don't know about other states, but it seems like Minnesota is in the middle of a motorcycle masacre this season, way more wrecks than in recent years, and Sturgis was like riding throough the 'Killing Fields' the first few days.......

BTW, did anybody make LaCrosse this past weekend..........Steve??

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Boss Down

I flew a Boss rider here from an accident in Cocoa Fl. 3 days ago. All I can say is, it was a dark color (hard to see details while threading power lines) late model 2 speed Boss, and the Med crew said the rider is really sick. With the new privacy laws, I cain't find out much more, and couldn't divulge it if I could.

Probably worth a prayer though!

Jack Phillips
been busy trying to catch up on work since the storm and hit and haven't had time to visit the board much - thanks Neil - glad to hear about you made it through OK as well! I'll try and post more often - and I will send some pics of my mods soon!

Yo' Elliot - well maybe NOS for me someday! Hurry home we have some riding to do - definately ready for a Key West or South Beach run - - maybe Neil will join us?
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