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Locally available

I just called Advance Auto Parts and they said they have some in stock so I suppose most places will have them.
I also did a search for them and found a lot of places they can be purchased - here's 1.....http://www.smartglow.com/smart_fuse.html

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Ace Hardware
Advance Auto
Boater's World Marine Centers
Burnstine's Distributing Corp.
Checker Auto Stores
J.C. Whitney & Co.
Jensen Distribution Services
Keystone Automotive Operations
Kragen Auto Parts
Midwest Auto Parts Distributors
Ned R. Healy & Company
O'Reilly Automotive Parks
Ozark Automotive Distributors -
Robert Elgart & Son
Rouzer Motor Parks Co.
Salvo Auto Parts
Schucks Auto Parts
Strauss Discount Auto
VIP Discount Auto Center
Walgreens Co
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