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Sliding Forks into Trip;e trees

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Stupid question...How to slide the forks into the triple trees without damage to the chrome? Do you lube them with motor oil, WD-40, grease or what? Do you push them straight in or rotate them as you do it? Do you pry the slots in the trees a little before inserting them or just back out the pinch bolts?...Joe
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joe, that is what a well known bike builder told me he does to save the chrome. i thought when i serviced my forks that loosening the clamp was enough but when i did mine i didnt know to pry it open a little more with a wedge to save from scratches.
Mike is correct!
I loosened and backed out the top pinch bolts almost completely, and drove a wedge in to spread the top clamp a bit. I removed the bottom pinch bolt completly, and drove a wedge in to spread that clamp.
I sprayed the fork tube with Hondabrite spray polish, and CAREFULLY slid it straight up through the clamps. I snugged the top clamp first, to keep the fork tube from falling out, and then removed the bottom clamp wedge, and put in the pinch bolt, snugging that one up too. Then I torqued the bolts. Another set of hands is helpful! Hope this helps.........Don
Don...The factory is sending me a new set of forks (FREE) and recommended the install EXACTLY as you stated it. I didn't pry the trees the last time I did it and I think that makes all the difference. Thanks, Joe
Don...what did you use for a wedge..wood or a protected screwdriver or what?
Mike...thanks for the input...you are dead right...Joe
I used a screw driver with a rag around it. Just try to insert the forks as straight as you can without twisting them. Also when you get to being close to the top of the triple tree, try to get it in just enough the first time so you don't go too far and have to pull the fork down again. As I mentioned, two pair of hands (one pair to tighten the top clamp, while the other pair holds the fork steady) makes it easier. Good luck!.......Don
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