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Single speed fluid

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will the john deer fluid turn brown my 99 single speed has brown fluid with red tint could this be john deer or dextron 3 i was told that john deer will work with mobil 1 mx4t but not dextron please help
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I believe that you are seeing brown (John Deere) and red (Dextron). The idea is to get most of the fluid out when changing from Dextron to the John Deere. Easiest way:
-Pull plug on pan drain.
-Replace in-line tranny filter.(don not connect the "suction side)
-Take short piece of tranny line and connect one end to "suction" side of filter and put the other end in the jug of John Deere Hyguard.
-Start bike and with front brake locked hit your switch on as if you are going to drive. (do this a few times.)
-Allow the rest to drain out of tranny pan again.
-Rehook your suction line to tranny tank.
Put plug in and fill as needed. This should flush your system enough.
Trans Fluid


It's unbelievable how timely and educational the answers to your questions are for me. I'm "fixing" to convert my 97 clutch to a 99 single speed auto in a couple weeks, and your getting questions answered for me I didn't even know to ask!

Thanks! And thanks to all for the SUPER answers.

Ride Safe!

Jack Phillips

Thanks Glenn for your help i have worked on cars most of my life but these are a hold new breed but i love it again thanks Oldman
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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