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Man I wish I knew how to post a video clip on the interenet!

A group of us went to Rolling Thunder today in Washington D.C. and had a very patriotic day thinking of those that have given so much for their country. The parade route was lined with spectators many of who had their hands out to high-five the bikers as they rumbled by FOR FOUR HOURS... theire are quite a few bikes at this event! (300,000+ bikes)

We had four big block bikes and two trikes in our group. There was a perpetual crowd around the bikes all day.

One of the Boss Trikes in our group had some troubles and a trailer was called to come get them. We did the parade and then went back to the Pentagon to check on them. The temptation was just too great for Crazy Rick and myself, but when the police came and gave us the open invitation to violate their parking lot as we pleased, well, it took us about three seconds to hit the start buttons and line 'em up.

Crazy Rick says to me later, "How many people can claim that they have done an 250 foot burnout in the Pentagon Parking Lot? Cool!

I am due for a new tire now (my seventh) and Crazy Rick's new tire is showing significant signs of wear. This was the most fun I've had in a while. We rode up I-95 for an hour side by side with our mirrors 10" apart... did I mention that Rick is a bad influence?

Anyway, somebody let me know if there is an easy way to post video. It is shot on a Sony Mini DV Camcorder.

Bill Taylor
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