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Shifting the 2 speed

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I was browsing through Canuck Barrys new web site and he has a couple of paragraphs on how to shift the 2 speed trans. It says low gear can actually be taken to 100 MPH+ , but must be brought back down to about 60 MPH to shift to high or overdrive . We all know that you shouldn't power shift from 1 st to 2nd , but I've never heard that you need to slow down to about 60 before shifting to 2nd or overdrive. Has anyone else ever heard this ? I've taken mine up to 100 + dozens of times , backed off the throttle and shifted but if this is harming the trans ., I'd like to know .
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Hey Jack,

In all of the discussions, I've never heard that. I talked to Marv at the Rally last summer about a lot of issues, including shifting when I percieved that trans problem with mine, and he said the same as the "official factory" notice, just don't leave the power loaded when you shift.

I usually push the lever and then off load the throttle for just a second. Seems to work good for me......


Never heard that either, I think that would be kinda crazy if ya had to do that. Ours have been working great just shifting at even power.
You can only shift into "overdrive" no slower than 50, and no faster than 60?????? :? Doesn't sound right to me either. Maybe he means Vics' tranny. :wink: Guess we'll have to wait til Barry returns to find out where he got that from.

There is absolutely no proscription from the factory about shifting at very high speeds but only a SLIGHT backoff on the throttle so that a heavy shock load is not present when shifting. I routinely shift from 1st to 2nd at 100 MPH but just don't do it at WOT. The concept is, simply, not to put a very high torque load on the tranny in overdrive. Absolutely no need to slow down to 60 MPH or any lower speed before shifting.
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