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Rolling Thunder , Washington DC

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Just got home from the run to the Wall, in Washington DC, ROLLING THUNDER.I saw the new World War II memorial. It is awesome. Lots of old WWII vets there standing proud!!! The boys from Orange County Choppers with their choppers lead the cycle parade. Estimated at over 40,000 bikes this year. From the start of the cycles 6 across to the last group going past was 3 hours. There were two Boss Hoss's there I saw one a white one and one yellow. Anybody from this site own either one? I didn't take the Boss there because it is just too difficult to move around where you have to park. I'd still be there trying to get it out.

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This is an in our local paper and looks like a Boss Hoss 502 got to meet the President, maybe. My Pal George gets to see it for sure.


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Boss meets Pres. W

Watched Fox news this morning and they showed a clip of the yellow Boss just as it appears in the newspaper article...Ray
YUP, that was the Boss I saw leading the cycle parade with the Rolling Thunder group. It was awesome!!! I also saw it on FOX news this morning too. Cool!!!
The wife and I were there with my 502 and her trike. The white Boss that you saw was probably Bubba Nelson's. Bubba is the Maryland Chief of Police (retired) and he now travels the country training motorcycle cops. He has a beautiful bike. We ran into him and his wife, Lori, at the event. I have never seen that yellow big block before though.

Got stuck on the freeway with traffic entering the Pentagon parking lot, so we just parked there for a few hours. When we realized that the ENTIRE Pentagon parking lot was going to be emptied before we could move we made our way through the maze of bikes and made a U-Turn. Well, the peer pressure must have gotten to me and I did one of the longest, smokiest and baddest burnouts that I have ever done...infront of about 300 bikers who were sitting around on their bikes. Man I wish I could have seen the crowd's reaction to that one! Anyone in that crowd who ever questioned the brute horsepower that the Boss puts down surely doesn't question it any more.

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Look what I found on Stamford's website...

I believe that this is the bike....owner's last name is Preston.

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Jon - that's the bike for sure!! or should I say detective Jon?? did you sell him the bike?


Hey Eddie--

I never saw the bike (in person) and I have never met the owner...I found the pics in the Gallery on Stamford's website while I was for the 100th time looking at their Boss Hoss Choppers.

See their whole gallery at http://www.bosshossct.com/tour.html

Jon Ukman
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