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River Rally - 2005 - Lacrosse Wisconsin.

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The "River Rally" for 2005 is slated for Thursday June-9th - Sunday June-12, in Lacrosse Wisconsin.

It was suggested that we change motels this year, to one that has more entertainment, yet still offers a good location.

The Best Western in Lacrosse was chosen as it is also located on the river, with a deck, outdoor bar, and boat docks.
The inside lounge is quite large, and has live entertainment on weekends. The parking lot has ample room for
any 18-wheelers and trailers and I would guess is at least 5-times larger than the Marriott parking lot.

These dates were the only ones available at this facility, as it is extremely popular. The Minn. Corvette club holds
their gathering as this motel every September.

June might be an ideal month considering the long winter, hot July, Sturgis in August, and the best guess of a
national rally in Dyersburg in Sept. ( Who knows?).

I have currently blocked ( 35 ) rooms which was the maxium available. They are blocked under the name " Boss Hoss"... Should we have overflow, there are other smaller motels across the street. I also understand they currently
have rooms available for Wed - June 8th for those arriving early.

Best Western
1835 Rose Street
LaCrosse, Wisconsin 54603

Rose street is the main North - South road through Lacrosse. The motel is located about one-mile south of interstate
90 and Rose Street, on the West side.

Looking forward to another "GOOD YEAR" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :beer3:

Bob Gamel
[email protected]
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The dates had to be changed for the 2005- River Rally in LaCrosse Wisconsin. The new dates are June 16, 17 and 18, 2005.

Anyone that has already made resverations, your current resverations will be changed over to the new dates. If for some reason these dates
will not work, please contact resverations at the Best Western.

Sorry for the change, but I think the weather window will be better being
one week later.

Bob Gamel
aka Geezer :beer3:
Count me in Bob...

Reservations made and Bob, thanks for all your hard work on this every year.

Jon Ukman

Got your email and not a problem. Thanks for all your effort.


Got it on the calendar for this year :lol: Timing should be perfect depending on the BH rally.

I haven't seen it official yet but if I were a betting man, I'd wager the 05 rally being in Dyersburg in the fall! :) End of September first of October.

I'll be there....

Next year I'm stopping at Marv's shop on the way and check my tires - HA!
I'm sure no one is really interested in this ...but La Crosse just opened a HOOTERS somewhere in the downtown area. If I find someone that has been there to check it out I'll give ya the feed back. I personally don't think I'll go into one because I heard somewhere there is girls scantly dressed with some revealing aspects I don't want to mention.
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve
Yup, they might think their grampaw's just pulled up on motorcycles :p :p :p :lol:

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