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Risers for the Boss Hoss?

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Has anyone installed risers on their bike. I have a drivers backrest and find that I'm not back against it because I'm having to reach for the handlebars. Who offers this product and has anyone used them?
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I put them on mine. The only one I know of that's making them is the BH factory. I wasn't comfortable reaching for the bars either. Now my arms have a little bend at the elbows, and it just feels right to me. With the risers, the handlebars don't hit the instrument panel, so I also adjusted the turn stops so I could turn the handlebars more to the left and right. That cut down on the 8 point turns!
They come as a kit with a longer front brake hose, and a longer throttle cable. I used the front brake hose, but didn't need to change the throttle cable.......Don

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I installed the factory risers also but haven't yet ridden the bike with them.Will report on them here after a week or two when the rebuid is complete. The factory kit is about $300 and, as Don says, the longer brake line is needed but not the longer throttle cable which is much too long...Joe
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