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Reverse Band

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With some of this talk about reverse crapping out be it the reverse band breaking , the reverse servo screwing up or whatever , I've got a stupid question . Example, when leaveing the garage to go for a put and your tranny temp is cool , is it better to ride out forward and then back in your garage when you return when the tranny temp is up to operating temp or do you think it makes no difference ? Of course if your garage is large enough to turn around without using reverse , that's better yet.
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That is something I did not consider Jack ... I wish I had when I had Calloway on the phone :? I'm curious to see what the majority opinion will be on this.
Hey Jack,

For me, I never move the bike until it has run for at least 5 minutes if it's the first start of the day. And I try not to ride if the trans is cool enough that it "drags" in neutral when I start it.

I guess I'm going to have to be a bit more careful about engaing the button though, 'cause I often will engage it and back up a few feet and then let it off, then re-engage it. My shop is 70' long so I need to check out where I'm going once in a while :lol:

I didn't get much response to this question so here's my opinion for what it's worth. It makes sense to me that if you had a choice to use reverse when your trans. was cold or when it was up to operating temp. that it would be better to use reverse when your trans . is up to operating temp. I know sometimes you may not have a choice but this is just food for thought.

When I start my bike I put it in 1st gear and hold the brake on till it starts to move. This sometime takes about 30 to 45 seconds when it is cold but as soon as it moves I poke it into reverse and back out. Both the engine and tranny is cold but works just fine. One thing about mine after I had NESCO rebuild it was when I put it in reverse and let off the button it keeps moving and pulling. I don't mind but when I ask Jim about it he said that is normal.

I've never had that happen but I don't think I'd like it if it did. I don't even like the way it seems to want to pull in neuteral when you first start the bike when it's cold but they say that's normal also.
J & A,

I notice mine staying in reverse after I let the button go when it is cool. But after I've been riding for awhile, then it releases as it should.

Like you Jack, the "drag" in neutral always concerns me a little. I always keep my front brake applied when I start it just to reduce the load on the side stand. Would hate for the stand to fold up :oops:


My answer is not to use reverse any time you don't absolutely need to. There are a number of components that can crap out on you.

Since I had my tranny (3rd one) upgraded to the "heavy duty" unit I've had none of these problems but I had almost all of them before. The one exception was that reverse would not disengage when pushing the button after I received the upgraded unit but that also ceased after about 2000 miles. No drag in neutral even when dead cold and no need to warm up before the tranny engages in 1st or reverse. Although Nesco may say these problems are "normal" it just strikes me as strange that None of them plagues me anymore.
Joe :?:
Hey Joe,
How bout I give you some money to play the Lotto for me!! :D .........Don B
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