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Reserve gas cap

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People ask why I don't take the Boss for the long trips. Well this will be the fourth time the Boss Hoss has left me along side the road. This time it was that MAYTAG fuel selector solenoid. I ran out of fuel while crusing at 60 mph on route 539 in NJ, flipped the reserve switch, kicked it into neutral hit the started and would not start. I coasted to a stop in the Jersey pines. I then got the tools out , trouble light and confirmed 12V was gettting to the solenoid. I whacked it a few times hoping maybe only hung up. No good!!! Well the Good Lord was with me, leaving the bike on the kick stand and slanting to the left side let whatever was left on the right tank drain to the left side and let me start the bike. I blasted , with my wife on the back for another 5 miles just to have it crap out again, this time within eye site of a gas station. I again slanted the bike to the left for a few mintues and it started once more to get me across a major highway and coast into the gas station.

Well in an 8 gallon tank it took 7.87 gallons. The story gets better, we rode another 75 miles got back home no problem. I took the seat off and was going to yank the solenoid off. I took the reserve tank cap off and heard the strongest vaccumm sound I ever heard. Yup the gas cap vents got stuck closed forming a vaccum in the reserve tank, not allowing fuel to be pumped out. I got a small piece of wire and went through the 4 holes in the cap pushing the check valve and problem fixed. Just another little thing to check, if by chance you don't get gas out of your reserve tank.

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Wow. I knew that Neil had vented his reserve tank on his 502 2 wheeler and this would explain why that is a must.

Glad you got to a gas station relativley easy.

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