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Rerar wheel

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Has anyone ever tried to spin their rear wheel by hand when the bike is off the ground or on jack stands. I can turn mine by hand but it is far from being free wheeling . Is this because the trans. does not have oil pressure when the engine is not runnig . I checked the rear brake and it isn't draging . It has probably always been like that but I just never noticed . I know when I have repacked the wheel bearings in the past I spun the wheel and it turned freely without the belt on . Has anyone else noticed this .
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Rerar wheel, where is that located? :)

I think your right on that, automatics turn hard with no power to the pump.
Mine and Tim's are like that.
Same with me Jack. Although even though the rear brakes don't "drag" the pads do usually just "kiss" the rotor. I drop the caliper when I adjust my belt, and found it makes the wheel a little easier to spin.

I guess I'm lazy, I put the rear up on jack stands and run her at idle in low. That gives me the best idea of where the belt will be at speed. It's such a fine spot on mine where the belt runs in the middle, 1/8 turn makes a difference. :twisted:
Could it be the 400 to 500 lbs of belt tension on the wheel and transmission bearings? :biker3:
Rear Wheel

Thanks guys for the response . I swear these Boss Hoss's are a never ending learning curve . The more you tinker with them , the more you learn .
Wag , thats the way I adjust my belt also . Maybe that's why I never noticed the drag on the rear wheel .
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