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Rear wheel cleaning

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There must be some tricks out there for cleaning the drive side of this rear wheel other than hiring a four year old. Any ideas?....Ray
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I use my 14 year old daughter because she has very skinny arms and long fingers! That is one of the few places that I have a real problem getting to and that goes for both sides of the wheel. I use simple green on the wheels only because it rinses off good and does not seem to leave a film on the wheel making it easier to wipe off with little effort.
X-Ray said:
There must be some tricks out there for cleaning the drive side of this rear wheel other than hiring a four year old. Any ideas?....Ray

I am lucky - my wife actually enjoys cleaning the wheels on mine! :roll: My belt guards are removed (upper/lower) and that makes it somewhat easier to gets hands in there ... but still a pain. The rotor tends to beat my hand up while cleaning right side also - like I said I am LUCKY. :)

I don't run the upper belt guard either but it's still a bitch cleaning the left side of the wheel . What I use is a drinking glass wash sponge deal . It's a round sponge with a handle on it and it is all plastic so it won't scratch the wheel. It get's in those areas you can't get your hand in there to wash . Cheap , and when it wears out , buy a couple more .

Don , my ole lady used to be like that untill I retired , and now I have to keep my bike and her bike clean . I don't mind though because cleaning your bike and fondleing every part of it sometimes you find something loose or broken that the ole lady might think is normal . What the hell , every day is Saturday to us retiree's anyway . Love it.

You can also use one of the small California Dusters to clean off the dirt and brake dust.............

I usually use the compressor to low off the loose stuff then the duster.

The 18" wheels are easier (a bit) to get into, and the chrome is easier to get the dust off of.

When I actually wash the bike, I just use the pressure washer and some mild detergent and windex to clean them............

Tim :beer3:
What the hell , every day is Saturday to us retiree's anyway . Love it.
Jack DeLelys...... Syracuse, NY

I HEARD THAT!!! HA HA!!:D.......Don B
Ya know, you guys could piss us old working guys off :lol:

"Everyday is Saturday"?????? Man that would suck.........never be able to look forward to the weekend again. No vacations to look forward to. No reason to plan out your schedule.............how much fun can that be???

Just kidding, you guys are living large, that's for sure. I think I'm jealous.......just a little :wink:

Yeah...you're right Tim. This life really sucks!! :wink:
Sure wish I was back at work! :wink: :wink: :wink:
Every Day is Saturday

Yea I'm in the same quandry, 33 years at PECO Energy and they decide to replace me with a twenty somthing :p , what day is it?...Ray
It's dowhateveryawantday!! Ha Ha!
All I know is I was so free today, I was forced to take a little scoot!
One drawback though. I keep thinking of new stuff to do on the Boss! :D :wink:
I use Bike Brite that I get from Levi at Boss Hoss. That's what they use at the factory to clean their bikes. I'm sure you can get it elsewhere, but I get mine from BH.

I found Bike Brite at JP Cycles. Which Bike Brite product do you use Alan?

http://www.jpcycles.com/search.aspx?sea ... ore=Harley
The Bike Brite that I use is Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner & Degreaser.

I only use it when the bike is cold. I wet the bike down with a hose, spray Bike Brite on, and rinse it off with the hose at highest water pressure.

Waa Laa. Clean Bike. Then I use my leaf blower to dry it off. I can give the bike a pretty good cleaning in 15 minutes.

I try to keep the Bike Brite off the electricals, particularily the turn signal switches.

Forgot to say that when wheels don't come clean with Bike Brite, I use a toilet brush. The long handle and the crook on the end allows it to get into the hardest places behind the belt.

OK Alan, Thanks for the info.......Don B :capwin:
Cover the switches and the gauges with Saran Wrap or equivalent and you won't have to worry about corroded connections or shorts. Ziploc bags also work great on the handlebar ends.
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